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The death of Kebba Jobe - inquest clear police

nomoredeaths | 21.01.2005 14:54

Kebba Jobe, a 42 year old Camden man, was killed May as police tried to restrain & arrest him for suspect drug dealing. The inquest that finished wednesady 19th jan cleared the police of any wronging doing in the cause of his death.

"A coroner yesterday (wednesday) cleared the police of any wrong doing following the death of a Gambian man who died while being arrested for suspected drug dealing. Dr Andrew Reid told St Pancras Coroners court the death of Kebba Jobe, who died last may on a canal tow path in Camden Town, was not the fault of officers involved in a drug arrest that went wrong.

His statement said the victim had placed a lump of cannabis into his mouth to conceal it - and then inhaled the drug, which caused his death. The coroner added there was no evidence of neglect by officers who were attempting to arrest Mr Jobe ad had no criticsim of the police involved".

"Back up officers had previously told the court that PC Jackson had not told them of the possibility thatr Mr Jobe had swallowed the package... But Sargeant Mathew Walters... told the court PC Jackson later told him that the dead man might have consumed the drugs.

PC Jackson said Sargeant Walters may have been incorrect. "He might have heard me wrong" said PC Jackson "It could have been recorded wrong. He was incorrect. I didn't see him (Mr Jobe) place drugs in his mouth""
-from Camden New Journal newspaper, 20 January 2005.

Another report from the Camden New Journal website:
"Under questioning... PC Jackson confirmed details of his witness statement. He said “His (Mr Jobe’s) mouth was full. I could see his cheeks moving and lips moving. I then saw him put his hand across his mouth. He then looked like he was gagging on something... I think I said words to the effect: Have you eaten it? Have you swallowed it? He (Mr Jobe) was saying something but I couldn’t understand what he was saying. I said have you eaten it? Where is it? You’ll choke".

Brian Theophile [an eye witness] told the inquest: “There was an officer sitting on Kebba’s back. He (Kebba) looked like he couldn’t breathe. As soon as I saw Kebba’s face I knew it wasn’t normal. His mouth was bleeding" (this link is the report of the inquest dated fri 14th. An update report should be apearing on the 21st jan).

Another link about the inquest

So there you have it. Another death at the hands of the police gone unaccountable. Another copper lying under oath, getting away with murder.



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