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Council purchase of Jericho Boatyard?

17-02-2006 11:00

Oxford Green Group has put forward a proposal for the City Council to purchase Jericho Boatyard, to safeguard it as an operating boating facility.

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Video of Prestes Maia squat

17-02-2006 10:39

Below you will find links to a film about the Prestes Maia squat in Sao Paulo along with english subtitles made for a screening at the rampART squatted social centre in London....

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Ray Rogers from Killer Coke speaking in London, SATURDAY 1.30PM

17-02-2006 10:38

last chance to see Ray Rogers from the Killer Coke campaign speak about the injustices of Coca-Cola in Colombia, at the end of his short whistle-stop UK tour.

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Tape reveals senior Nestle exec misled students prior to boycott vote

17-02-2006 09:46

Prior to the University of East Anglia students' union voting on renewing its long-running support for the international Nestlé boycott, a senior Nestle executive was interviewed by student radio. Claims made in the broadcast have been shown to be false by a letter written by the same executive on 16 February. Baby Milk Action has obtained a tape.

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Scrap Big Biasness greedy tool Crossrail project- East End No to Crossrail tell

17-02-2006 09:43

The Crossrail hole Bill [the hybrid ‘Crossrail Bill’ – given Second Reading on 19 July 2005] now in the UK House of Commons contains provisions for destroying the economic and social base of entire communities along the proposed route.

Some of the most awful destructions planned by Crossrail will be done to the East End of London. Yet there is no economic evidence that the destruction is needed, far less justified. There is, though, rising concern at the role of Adrian Montague, the overly-honoured, overly-cashed, Blaired-Browned Chairman of the Crossrail outfit, is incessantly engaged in grabbing for Big Business public resources that are being looted with no outcry in parliament. Adrian Montague’s conduct is forcing the call for the Crossrail project to be scrapped. The call is contained in a letter from KHOODEELAAR the Brick Lane London E1 campaign against the Crossrail hole Bill organiser Muhammad Haque today to Alistair Darling MP, the UK Transport minister who is responsible to Parliament for the very flawed Crossrail Bill.

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Moscow Gay Pride banned as Religious groups threaten violence

17-02-2006 09:40

The Mayor of Moscow has banned Gay Pride from the city and religious leaders have denounced gays, including Moscow's Chief Mufti who called for violent attacks on gays while Chief Rabbi says gays have no right to exist.

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Indymedia Radio London - 15th Feb 06 - Show Audio

17-02-2006 08:49

Indymedia Radio London: 15th Feb 06 Show
76mins - mp3 - mono

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US troop deployment sparks protests in Dominican Republic

17-02-2006 05:03

Now that pervakl has been elected leader of Haiti, the US has ordered troops deployed in Haiti. Is it planning to invade haiti, using chaos and security as excuses?

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Death to the Glorifiers

17-02-2006 01:39

After allowing the protests to escalate last week and then the UK media bombarding us with the crack dealer dressed as a suicide bomber, President Tony has managed to get his 'glorification of terrorism' legislation through.

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Shun Politics?

17-02-2006 00:25

I see nothing on UKindy about ID card link to passports. Have this from indycymru. Topic Political.

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Brazilian Embassy Visit

17-02-2006 00:11

Braving the bitter cold, rain and even a brief hail storm, a dozen or so people turned up at the Brazilian Embassy in London on Thursday to show solidarity with the residents of Prestes Maia in Sao Paulo, Brazil....

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17-02-2006 00:07

A weekly 30 minute review of news and opinion, recorded from a shortwave radio. With times and freqs for listening at home. 2 files- broadcast and slow-modem streaming. Free to rebroadcast. Netherlands, Spain, Cuba, and Russia.

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16-02-2006 23:25

The time is right here right now. We need to build a new critical mass movement. An organised coincidence.

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Cambridge Paper Newswire 11

16-02-2006 21:51

This is a paper version of some of the reports in the last few months. Distribute far and wide!

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Russia Warns U.S. Against Iran war & Rice wants regime change

16-02-2006 20:20

General Yuri Baluyevsky, the chief of Russia's general staff, warned the United States against attacking Iran. "A military scenario can't be ruled out," Baluyevsky was quoted as saying by Russian news agencies." And London advises the Washington PNAC pack's warriors on 'how to connect to the Iranian people'?

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hidden articles - why no comments allowed

16-02-2006 20:04

just a little enquiry

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16-02-2006 18:41

Just one of many species threatened by Karahnjukar dams - 3rd of the populat
Arms manufacturer and aluminium giant ALCOA have said they will announce on 1 March if they will press for yet another aluminium smelter in the north of Iceland, probably near the town of Husavik.


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"Apartheid Israel Week" at Oxford

16-02-2006 18:29

Oxford University in Britain is appropriately commemorating the "30th anniversary of the international convention on the suppression and punishment of the crime of apartheid" with a series of speakers and events around the theme of 'Apartheid Israel'.

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An evening of Anti Corporate Urban Pranking at the Common Place…Sun 26th Feb 200

16-02-2006 18:19

An evening of Anti Corporate Urban Pranking at the Common Place…