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Condoleezza Stokes Flames of US Wars in Africa

20-12-2007 12:10

The U.S. military offensive in the Horn of Africa is poised to escalate, as Condoleezza Rice assures her African proxies of deepening collaboration in the “war on terror.” With at least half a million Somalis facing death by starvation and disease – and thousands more killed in resistance to the U.S.-backed Ethiopian occupation – Washington has set its sights on neighboring Eritrea as a rogue state that is guilty of “interference in the affairs of its neighbors” and “dangerous adventurism in the Horn.” The cookie-cutter U.S. propaganda/attack formula previously applied in the Persian Gulf has been imposed on Africa, and will surely reap the same catastrophic results. Yet African American “leadership” remains mute and impotent while Washington sets the continent ablaze.

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Save the Woodhead Tunnel//Climate Change demonstration

20-12-2007 11:41

Save the Woodhead Tunnel have organised a demonstration to further our campaign.
DATE: Saturday, 12th January 2008
TIME: 1.00 p.m. until 3.00 p.m.
PLACE: Woodhead tunnel, Western entrance (map link below)
Speakers (to be confirmed) plus Samba bands. All we need now is clement weather!

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Support The Harmondsworth 4!

20-12-2007 10:57

Demonstrate 7 January 2008
9am onwards

at Southwark Crown Court
1 English Grounds
(off Battlebridge Lane)
London SE1 2HU
(nearest tube London Bridge)

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Aldermaston bike ride March 2008

20-12-2007 10:12

Bikes not bombs are planning a bike ride from London to Aldermaston Atomic Weapons Establishment and back again, as part of the 50th anniversary celebrations of the first Aldermaston march

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Around the Campaigns Thursday 20th December 2007

20-12-2007 09:51

Latest news...

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Urgent - demonstration today for Jamil El-Banna returned from GTMO last night

20-12-2007 09:07

Today, at 10am, Jamil El-Banna will face a hearing on his deportation to Spain at City of Westminister Magistrates' Court, 70 Horseferry Road, London, SW1X (nearest tube: St James Park).

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The Africa Command prospect and the partition of Somalia

20-12-2007 08:14

As US Secretary of Defense Robert Gates was recently visiting American forces in Djibouti, the Washington Post was reporting how the Pentagon has been spearheading a seemingly dicey initiative to pressure Washington into recognizing the secessionist northwestern region of Somalia, known as “Somaliland,” as an independent state.

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Solidarity with Imprisoned Berlin Anti-Fascist Andrea!

20-12-2007 06:32

On the 1.12.07 the Berlin anti-fascist Andrea has been arrested by plainclothes cops of LKA's political branch.

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U.S. Prisoner - Life in Prison for Lending Car

20-12-2007 06:26

Paul Modrowski, of Illinois, U.S.A., convicted of Murder 1 on an accountability basis for supposedly lending his car to a supposed killer -- who was acquitted -- seeks release from prison for Christmas.

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Jane Mary Mutetsi and Felicia Sakwe still here!

20-12-2007 00:19

Two removals cancelled last minute

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Short video of Sequani march & blockade

19-12-2007 22:58

Thanks to SARC activists for this footage of police rushing to quell civil disobedience at the Sequani National March on 15th December 2007.

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The Dead Hand of Managerial Capitalism

19-12-2007 22:36

New Ideas for the Redistribution of Wealth and Responsibility in the Twenty-First Century

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Elderly Welsh Councillor Convicted for Peace Protest at Nuclear Weapons Site

19-12-2007 22:34

AN ELDERLY male councillor from south Wales received a two-year conditional discharge at Reading Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday 11 December for a recent protest action at AWE Burghfield, a nuclear weapons facility in Berkshire, England [1].

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Gas masks Gas Mask filters NBC Suits - Camden High Street

19-12-2007 22:29

Gas masks, gas mask filters and NBC suits are soon to be available on Camden High Street and on Camden's market stalls due to the virus containment facility to be opened in 2013.

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Protest Tomorrow at DSEi Arms Fair 'Rivers of Blood' Trial

19-12-2007 20:42

Two suited protesters who doused themselves in fake blood and lay down 'dead' outside the DSEi arms fair in east London in September are on trial at Stratford Magistrates Court tomorrow (Thursday) morning. There will be a protest outside the court, probably including a brass band.

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Shell to Sea occupy Natural Resources Minister's office in Dublin

19-12-2007 20:16

Eamon Ryan art his office today
Shell to Sea protesters occupied the department of Natural Resources in Dublin today. Teh new Minister for Natural resources, Eamon Ryan, has done nothing to help the campaign of which he was once a leading member.

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Israel's New Strategy for Starting Iran War

19-12-2007 19:45

The real threat is posed by the Extremists in Israel, and their few allies in the US and other "western democracies" ...

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Israel Defies UN With Settlement Construction

19-12-2007 19:43

There is no longer any mystery that the Israeli Government fully supports this construction.

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Red Cross Condemns Siege of Gaza, World Inaction

19-12-2007 19:39

Like the Jews during the 30's, the Palestinians of Gaza must be asking "Where is the world?".