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Protest Tomorrow at DSEi Arms Fair 'Rivers of Blood' Trial

dv | 19.12.2007 20:42 | DSEi 2007 | London

Two suited protesters who doused themselves in fake blood and lay down 'dead' outside the DSEi arms fair in east London in September are on trial at Stratford Magistrates Court tomorrow (Thursday) morning. There will be a protest outside the court, probably including a brass band.

Zelda Jeffers and Fr Martin Newell from London Catholic Worker are to answer charges of criminal damage for their 'Rivers of Blood' action at Custom House DLR station, where international arms dealers were making their way to the arms fair. Their trial is due to take place on Thursday morning (20th December) at Stratford Magistrates' Court in east London (nearest tube: Stratford).

Supporters are welcome to join the protest outside the courthouse from 9.45am and/or to sit in the public gallery.

Report on the original action here:

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  1. Trial postponed until February — dv