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24-10-2002 14:58


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Direct Action against the war [uk list]

24-10-2002 12:37

If you are doing an action against the war on October 31st as part of the decentralised day of action - add a comment under this text to say where and when (obviously only if it is a public action) those doing other actions can post reports after so this site can list them all, showing how diverse and decentralised the actions are going to be.

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An Education Railtrack

24-10-2002 11:09

Estelle Morris Departure

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parents of dying iraqi children vent anger at bush

24-10-2002 08:11

sanctions which kill > 1 million people deservedly count as a weapon of mass destruction

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Despite Federal Violence, Trudell Carries On In-depth Excellence: IMC interview

24-10-2002 00:18

Santee-Sioux (American Indian) spoken word artist and public speaker, John Trudell, 56, has rare, charismatic vision, and can be very inspiring to people getting beaten down in their attempts to continue a consistent social challenge. This article was originally made by persons with the Atlanta, GA IMC interviewing Trudell at Emory University, and has been slightly edited for easier reading.

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23-10-2002 22:12

FLORENCE (ITALY) 11,09,2002

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Sainsbury's anti-union activities in USA

23-10-2002 21:51

Sainsburys in the UK owns Massachusetts super market chain Shaws/Star Market where it obstructs attempts by workers to organise...

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Pirate Radio at Road Show

23-10-2002 20:51

A thirty odd minute radio show created for and broadcast at, the NEC Car Show...

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Anarchists campaign for reinstatment of Lambeth police comander Brain Paddick

23-10-2002 20:51

Anarchists in south London have been at the forefront of a campaign to reinstate suspended police comander of Lambeth Brian Paddack and have helped to organise a public meeting calling for his reinstatement.

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Momentum builds for LSE anti-war occupation

23-10-2002 19:16

Students at the London School of Economics are set to take over their college on the national day of direct action against the war. Over 300 students voted overwhelmingly to oppose war on Iraq at a Union meeting last week and the anti-war movement continues to grow.

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Finland lean on "Rafaels Angel"

23-10-2002 17:28

Finland is buying Israeli missiles for its naval defence.
The purchase has been concluded. It doesn`t seem to
bother the Finnish government that the stateowned Israeli
Rafael weapons consortium is the leading defencecontractor
in a country that blatantly refuses to cope with UN and
keeps violating on daily basis Palestinian residents basic rights.

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photoes from Brum car show

23-10-2002 17:13

photoes from Brum car show
Some photo's from the car show in Brum. (article 2)

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photoes from Brum car show

23-10-2002 17:12

photoes from Brum car show
Some photo's from the car show in Brum. (article 1)

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Climate Action at the Motor Show

23-10-2002 17:07

The 185 governments which signed the UN Climate Change Convention are meeting from 23 Oct to 1 Nov in New Delhi, India, for the annual cycle of climate negotiations.

At the same time the largest car show in Europe opens in Birmingham.

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BigBlether, Lanarkshire 6-8.9.2002 : finally pics, feedback, report

23-10-2002 16:46

BigBlether, Lanarkshire 6-8.9.2002 : finally pics, feedback, report
From 6.-8.September there was a Big Blether happening in Lanarkshire, south of Glasgow, Scotland. The Big Blether is a meeting of grassrooot activists campaigning for social and ecological justice. Here are finally the pictures, summary of the feedback and a overview of the program. (article 1)

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Save Ruskin College

23-10-2002 16:17

Ruskin Defence Committee campaigning for the defence of Ruskin College.

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the firefighters strike: a warning from history

23-10-2002 15:26

on the eve of the most importnt industrial dispute since the miners strike, the Guardian looks at the last fire-fighters strike in 77.

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Firefighters fight for us all

23-10-2002 15:19

Health and safety at risk