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The Christian Paradox

27-08-2005 16:55

"We have made golden calves of ourselves-become a nation of terrified, self-obsessed idols.. The gospel is too radical for any culture larger than the Amish to ever come close to realizing..Taking seriously the actual message of Jesus should serve to moderate the greed and violence.."

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Radioactive Wounds of War

27-08-2005 15:39

Tests on returning troops suggest serious health consequences of depleted uranium use in Iraq

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Iraq: people falling ill from contaminated water.

27-08-2005 14:38

As politicians inside the fantasy world of the Green Zone haggle over a piece of paper the people in the real world do not have electricity or even clean water – more than two years after the `liberation`.

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- - Creating an American Aristocracy - -

27-08-2005 14:34

The "get rich someday" dream is cited by many as the reason Americans are voting against their economic self-interest and lending their political support to the wealthy, who are creating a new American aristocracy.

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Anti-Lydd Airport demo-report

27-08-2005 12:41

A protest against Lydd Airports expansion plans was held Aug 27th.

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Anti-Capitalism Protest, Oxford - Bank Holiday Monday

27-08-2005 11:48

A protest against at Oxford University's Said Business School, where profit comes before people via unethical means, exploitation and repression.

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Thoughts on Crawford: Latest news and pictures of the Cindy Sheehan Peace Camp

27-08-2005 10:43

Thoughts on Crawford: Latest news and pictures of the Cindy Sheehan Peace Camp
Lots of pictures and news from a progressive Blogger.

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Noborder Action Bulgaria - Greece

27-08-2005 10:31

Yesterday the three day noborder camp in Klutsch, Bulgaria, finished with a collective border crossing to Greece.
Thereby long delays happened because of the Bulgarian border police, who searched 2 cars for hours.
Today the greek part of the “Noborder Action Days” started with an antirascist demonstration in Xanthi.

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Senior Iran cleric hails “Islamic state of Iraq”

27-08-2005 09:35

Does this pawn believe he has won something ? All this is merely forced onto Iraq by the foreign military invader.

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Critical Mass photos 2

27-08-2005 08:04

Critical Mass

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Critical Mass photos

27-08-2005 07:45

Critical Mass photos

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New Peoples Commons

26-08-2005 20:36

Indymedia Press Release Regarding New Peoples Commons Event

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Voices of the Lost and Forgotten- Pt. 4: Families In Poverty

26-08-2005 17:39

Part four in a five part series on the alarming increases of homelessness, poverty, and hunger in America.

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Campsfield detainees on hunger strike - protest Sat 27th August

26-08-2005 17:25

26 August 2005

Campsfield detainees on hunger strike and demonstrators protest at
imminent deportations to Iraq - 12 noon Saturday 27th August at Campsfield House, Kidlington, near Oxford

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Say No To Racism: Merseyside Unity Festival

26-08-2005 14:22

Merseyside Unity Festival Details to follow:

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The Shame of American Racism

26-08-2005 13:54

Sami Habbas
This was publsihed on the front page of the 26/ Jordan Times 26/8/2005

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Were you treated by street medics at the Carnival for Full Enjoment?

26-08-2005 13:51

We are two medics seeking the people we treated in Edinburgh on the 4th July, to help with our forthcoming court case.

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Tale of dead soldier and his little girl was elaborate hoax

26-08-2005 13:12

Tale of dead soldier and his little girl was elaborate hoax

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Amicus leader Bayliss: arrested by Fraud Squad

26-08-2005 12:11

Simpson: 'not wanting charity's money to go into someone's back pocket' Bayliss: arrested by Fraud Squad

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The Akha Hill Tribe in Thailand HELP NEEDED

26-08-2005 11:51

British Student Adam Lane is in the village of Pah Nmm. The Thai army terrorized this village and the host family. They threatened them with arrest if foreigners stay in this village. In a conversation today with him at the village I was told that the villagers are still terrified that they will be arrested for foreigners being there.