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Thoughts on Crawford: Latest news and pictures of the Cindy Sheehan Peace Camp

Mike Stabile | 27.08.2005 10:43 | Anti-militarism | World

Thoughts on Crawford: Latest news and pictures of the Cindy Sheehan Peace Camp
Lots of pictures and news from a progressive Blogger.

From he Cindy Sheehan Peace Camp 2 outside Bush's Ranch

Thoughts on Crawford by Mike Stabile

Until I have some free time to sit down and assimilate notes and photos, I would like to mention a few observations about what we witnessed in Crawford, TX over the weekend.

First and foremost, the organization of Camp Casey II was a marvel to witness. In only a week's time a group of dedicated people who came purely because of their convictions set up an efficient, well-run operation (in the friggin' middle of nowhere). The food is first-rate, the grounds are clean and well-kept, the shuttle service to "downtown" Crawford is continuous, and presentations, speeches and entertainment are well-coordinated (in spite of the ad-lib nature of the planning due to unscheduled and unexpected appearances of so many famous peace activists and entertainers).

What impressed me the most was the degree to which so many volunteered their time and resources to help. Nearly the entire operation is run by donations and individuals who just showed up and asked, "Tell me what I can do to help." Mrs. LEFT is RIGHT and I spent most of Sunday assisting with the food services.

Despite the 100+ degree days there is plenty of shelter and a plethora of cold drinks. The only thing missing was air conditioning, but hey, Progressives are not wimps, unless you're like me (from a temperate climate - Los Angeles) and at one point nearly passed out from heat stress due to not properly pacing myself while helping out.

The location of Camp Casey II, where we were, is literally next to the driveway that enters Bush's ranch. During our 3-day stay around two-to-three thousand or so people came and left, with a core group of probably 100-200 staying and running the entire operation. I understand that yesterday, the day we flew home, wireless internet was set up... just incredible.

They do need more volunteers. Even if you donate just an hour or two of your time, even if you just pick up a couple of people in your car as you pass through Crawford on your way to Camps I or II, every little bit of help makes a big difference.

I cannot tell you how uplifting it was to be around such a large group of people who care about exactly the same things as you and who are from literally every state in the nation and even other countries. It was mind-boggling. The Mrs. and I did not want to leave. But we both have kids and jobs back home and are fortunate to have had the opportunity to do this.

Although Cindy Sheehan is the seed and symbol of this movement, she is no longer the driving force. The driving force now belongs to you and me, people who have finally found a way to express their outrage against, and resolve to stop, this group of thugs who have stolen our government and wasted the once-promising lives of thousands of young Americans and tens-of-thousands of peaceful Iraqis. Folks, this IS the genesis of the people's anti-Iraq-War movement.

More to come...
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Posted by Neil Williams (with permission from Mike Stabile)

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