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Anti-Capitalism Protest, Oxford - Bank Holiday Monday

Jim | 27.08.2005 11:48 | Globalisation | Repression | Workers' Movements | Oxford

A protest against at Oxford University's Said Business School, where profit comes before people via unethical means, exploitation and repression.

he Said Business School of Oxford University is the city's ugly face of capitalism, literally. The MBA programme explicitly teaches it's students how to make as much profit as is possible by exploiting other human beings, and unethically using methods such as "arbitrage", where profit is made simply by exploting pricing inefficiencies without contributing whatsoever to society. The website openly boasts that whilst millions of fellow Britons are in poverty, Said Business School graduates command salaries of an average of over £122,000 whilst in their 20s. The school also hosts the neo-fascist Economics & Management undergraduate programme, allowing 21 year olds to command starting salaries of over £40,000 purely by immoral means such as putting profit before people as investment bankers or management consultants. Students are notorious for wearing wristbands with "Greed Is Good" adorned on them ( as they know they will be millionaires, not showing any guilt, sympathy or remorse for the fact that they are trampling on thei livelihoods of their peers to get there. Furthermore, the building was funded through unethical means, by an arms dealer who made his fortune through the killing of innocent civilians. This must stop. Money is the root of all evil, and Said Business School is one of the country's most prominent sources of the mindset that profit is more important than humanity's cause. Join Jamie Smith at 12pm this Bank Holiday Monday (29th August), to voice your opposition when there will be a 'networking event' where the MBA students attempt to exploit one another to selfishly further their careers.



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