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Were you treated by street medics at the Carnival for Full Enjoment?

medic on bail | 26.08.2005 13:51 | G8 2005 | Health | Repression

We are two medics seeking the people we treated in Edinburgh on the 4th July, to help with our forthcoming court case.

My medic partner and I were arrested at the Carnival For Full Enjoyment in Edinburgh on the 4th July 2005, as part of the G8 protests. We had spent the day working as street medics, treating about 15 injured people, and providing water and food.

We were violently arrested by a snatch squad at about 5pm that day, and have both been charged with Breach of the Peace. We are due in court in October. When we were arrested we were inside a pen, watching for injuries and people in distress.

The Crown has called three policemen who were part of the snatch squad to testify against us, and it is up to us to find witnesses for our side.

Therefore, this is a call out for the following people:

Any of the 7 or 8 people we treated for spike wounds in Princes Park

Anyone we treated for other injuries, including two men with head wounds

Anyone who witnessed the arrest of two medics on Princes Street at around 5 o' clock.

details - We are both women, I have an English accent and am reasonably short, I was wearing a red tshirt or hoodie, black jeans with a studded belt, a medic kit over my chest and another medic kit on my belt. I was clearly marked as a medic, and was wearing a red headscarf and a red armband. I was also wearing a small khaki canvas backpack.

My partner is taller and was wearing a black shirt. Her medic kit was a large pack around her waist, and she wore a yellow backpack. She has dreadlocks and a New Zealand accent. She was also wearing a red headscarf.

Our arrest took place on Princes Street, on the corner of the park. We were surrounded by a snatch squad so probably not that visible, but we were both screaming in pain, and my medic partner was shouting "we are not resisting". Prior to this we had been standing together in the pen, and at one point I was kneeling close to the line of riot police to try and see an injured man who was handcuffed on the floor behind police lines.

If you saw us treating people, or we treated you or a friend, or you saw us in the pen, or being arrrested, please contact me at Your evidence could be really helpful in this travesty of a court case - please help show the courts that the police cannot brutalise and arrest clearly marked medics and get away with it.

For more details of what happened, this is an interview we gave after being released from custody.

many thanks, solidarity to all those arrested at the G8

medic on bail
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