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Promo video for the Carnival Against Vivisection

22-08-2008 12:44

Promo video for the carnival against vivisection at Sequani Labs and suppliers on the 6th September! More information visit or

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The problem with activism/campaigning and getting the everyday person involved..

22-08-2008 12:18

A personal opinion on what limits the numbers of everyday people getting involved.

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SPEAK Demo Reports

22-08-2008 12:12

Tuesday 12th and Thursday 14th August

In a week that saw a conservative estimate of 115million put on the number of animals abused and killed each year worldwide in so-called scientific research, SPEAK campaign supporters met twice in Oxford to demonstrate their opposition to Oxford University's contribution to this shameful and disgusting statistic.

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Road building costs increase by up to £4 billion

22-08-2008 11:32

Campaign for Better Transport reveals the spiralling cost of environmentally damaging new roads.

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Ken Livingstone - Thames Water scandal

22-08-2008 10:23

Ken Livingstone tried to do over water usage in London, he blamed ordinary people and lectured them that they should stop leaving the tap on while brushing or having a long shower meanwhile Thames was losing 915 million litres a day, the regulator, the idiots paid to tell us what they are doing and then do nothing said - enough to fill 366 Olympic-sized swimming pools. He did not do anything about Thames Water and what he did do is a scandal, in London, most of the Victorian pipes in central and East London were bone dry and the problems were with North London, which cannot be fixed with plastic pipes. Thames Water replaced perfectly good cast iron pipes with plastic pipes and they do not even know their shelf life, some people predict 30 years. So you take out something that is perfectly OK, why? apparently

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Shifting The Burden Of Proof Changes Nothing In The GM Debate

22-08-2008 10:09

Imagine the scene: you walk into a bar and someone immediately faces you up, brandishing their fists, red with pent-up aggression clearly eager to send you on to the floor or worse. He screams into your face, spittle flecks flying across your nose and lips, “Prove to me that you deserve not to be punched repeatedly in the face!”

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Demonstration At Edinburgh Airport Going On Now

22-08-2008 10:06

Demonstration at Edinburgh Airport against repression in Zapatistas Autonomous Communities in Chiapas, Mexico, Going On Now, 10:58 AM

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More victims of the Big Brother Database state

22-08-2008 09:42

Yorkshire NO2ID condems latest data loss scandel

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Georgia, NATO & The Spread Of War [Video & Text, STW London meeting]

22-08-2008 08:53

Stop the War meeting, GEORGIA, NATO & THE SPREAD OF WAR.
Held at Friend's Meeting House on 14 August 2008.

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Climate Camp - Selected photos

22-08-2008 08:30

Better late than never! A mixed bag of photos from the Climate Camp 2008. (All are copyright, but may be used for any sort of activism publicity.)

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Thessaloniki political prisoner and stitch-up victim Simon Chapman convicted?

22-08-2008 06:58

Four years on from his reported acquittal, British activist Simon Chapman has allegedly been sentenced in absentia to over five years in prison for taking part in protests against the Thessaloniki EU summit in Greece in 2003. He was the target of a high-profile activist defence campaign after widespread coverage of police corruption in the case - videos show riot police planting a bag of Molotov cocktails on him which formed the basis of the case against him.

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New body formed to unite Baluch Diaspora

22-08-2008 06:56

Baluch [also spelled Baloch] who got politically divided under Biritsh Imperial rule are today stateless in southwest Asia. Their homeland was used for testing Pakistan's so-called Islamic Bomb in May 1998. Their persecution remains unmitigated both in Iran and Pakistan. A new body has been formed to unite the Baluch, a fiercely individualistic people.
Picture shows the Khan of Kalat Beglar Begi [Prince among the Princes] Suleman Daud Ahmedzai with international human rights activist Peter Tachell protesting Pakistan's forced annexation of Baluchistan.

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Towards Women’s Liberation

22-08-2008 01:27

The cause of women’s liberation and the rights of women against sexual discrimination, exploitation and violence

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Deaths at Reykjavik Energy Due to Harsh Circumstances of Low-Paid Foreign Worker

22-08-2008 00:57

Work camp
Reykjavik, Iceland – Two days ago two Romanian workers suffocated while wielding pipes for the geothermal expansion project at Hellisheidi, east of Reykjavik (1). The Hellisheidi power plant is being expanded by Reykjavik Energy company. The campaign group Saving Iceland believes that serious accidents are almost unavoidable due to the extreme circumstances the Eastern European workers in Iceland are forced to work in.

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IBM Privatisation scandal - documentary hacked just before key interview

22-08-2008 00:49

Alan Jones, Chief Executive of Somerset County Council. But for how long?
Somerset County Council, Avon and Somerset Police £500m corruption scandal - documentary hacked - Originally 24 minutes long the original Google Video upload mysteriously began to cut off yesterday at only 7 minutes in - just before the key part of the interview with the Chief Executive of Somerset County Council Alan Jones who appears to believe it's normal to make volleys of official complaints against your senior political opponents to close the deal. Please pass this documentary link to as many public officials as possible, particularly councillors.

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The Shortwave Report 8/22/08 Listen Globally!

22-08-2008 00:04

A weekly 30 minute review of news and opinion, recorded from a shortwave radio. With times and freqs for listening at home. 2 files- broadcast and slow-modem streaming. Free to rebroadcast. China, Netherlands, Cuba, and Russia.

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The Elephant In The Room: Scott Forbes 9/11 "power down"

21-08-2008 20:48

A British former employee of the WTC South Tower goes on (video) record for the first time and talks about strange and uninvestigated occurences the weekend before the events of September 11th 2001

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Westminster bollocks a.k.a a crock of shite

21-08-2008 18:53

Do I have the right to say bollocks on English soil in front of Parliament or not?

Charity Sweet XXX