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Thessaloniki political prisoner and stitch-up victim Simon Chapman convicted?

fuckpigs | 22.08.2008 06:58 | Thessaloniki EU | History | Repression | World

Four years on from his reported acquittal, British activist Simon Chapman has allegedly been sentenced in absentia to over five years in prison for taking part in protests against the Thessaloniki EU summit in Greece in 2003. He was the target of a high-profile activist defence campaign after widespread coverage of police corruption in the case - videos show riot police planting a bag of Molotov cocktails on him which formed the basis of the case against him.

Regulars here will remember Simon Chapman as a victim of a clumsy police attempt to frame protesters in relation to clashes at the EU summit in Thessaloniki five years back. Video evidence showed police planting a bag containing Molotov cocktails on Chapman. He was one of a number of prisoners who went on hunger strike over prolonged imprisonment and was released.

It was later reported here:
that he was acquitted of all charged.

However, an Associated Press article has now surfaced which claims that Chapman has been sentenced in absentia to more than five years in jail!

Given that nothing has appeared on Indymedia since 2004, and that he was previously reported as "acquitted", I wonder if he, or his support campaign, are even aware that corrupt people in the Greek state have covertly resurrected charges against him.

The report also suggests that three other people were convicted with harsh sentences for supposedly throwing Molotov cocktails (possibly also victims of stitch-ups), but remain free pending appeal; a further three activists were acquitted for lack of evidence.

Greek court sentences 4 over riots at 2003 EU summit

The Associated Press
Published: May 28, 2008

THESSALONIKI, Greece: A Greek court on Wednesday found four people guilty of taking part in extensive riots during a 2003 European Union summit in Thessaloniki.
Thessaloniki court officials said the defendants were sentenced to between five-and-a-half and eight-and-a-half years in prison for possessing explosive materials, causing explosions, and rioting. But defense lawyers appealed the convictions, and all four will walk free until the appeal hearing.
The defendants were identified as British national Simon Chapman, 35 — who was not present in court — Spaniard Fernando Perez, 28, Syrian Suleyman Dakdouk, 39, and Greek Michalis Traikapis, 28.
Another three suspects were acquitted.
All seven were arrested at the June 20-21 riots during an EU summit to mark the end of Greece's term in the EU's rotating presidency. Rioters broke away from peaceful marches to clash with police, severely damaging more than 30 stores with petrol bombs and stones.
No date has been set for the appeal hearing.



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