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cambridge film poster

17-05-2004 21:17

this is the poster for this week's film at the loco. actually, there's two films and they're both well wicked. details are below. print out the poster, stick it up and then go to the movie!

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alien contact

17-05-2004 20:34

alien contact
It's not about discrimination, it's a very reasonable security measure that benefits all law-abiding phlaaaagh bbllaaagh schphlaagghh...

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Heres a good idea - Lets build a carpark on Platt Fields Park

17-05-2004 19:50

Now its building a car park on platt fields park in manchester ....

Heres a good idea, why don't we just cover every last bit of grass in concrete, paint white lines on it, let our kids play on it and then moan when they get hit by cars??

or we could do something to stop it instead.

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Animal experimentation: good, bad, or necessary evil?

17-05-2004 19:43

Animal Experimentation? Good, bad or necessary evil?

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Brian Haw in court tomorrow

17-05-2004 19:38

Brian is in court tomorrow - Tuesday 18 May at 10am at Bow Street
Magistrates Court - please come along and support him if you can.

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School of Americas Image and Text

17-05-2004 19:30

The text comes from an earlier posting today ... which I forget, I'll stick it up after loading the image

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17-05-2004 19:12


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Why We Went in: Version 10.0

17-05-2004 18:38

"In the year since the invasion of Iraq, the Bush administration has repeatedly shifted its justification for going to war and constantluy changed its story on intelligence, the United Nations, reconstruction, political transition, and the cost to the American taxpayer. More than anything, the administration's war in Iraq resembles a software that, at first, works brilliantly, but then catches the user in a cycle of fatal error messages

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Brutality starts at home

17-05-2004 18:37

US President George W Bush condemned the incidents of Iraq prison abuse and those who perpetrated them, saying: "That's not the way we do things in America." But unfortunately, that's not quite true.

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Outrage gay rights protest at Palestine rally Saturday 15th May

17-05-2004 18:24

Demonstrators and stewards
harass Peter Tatchell and Outrage demo at Palestine Solidarity rally

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Jeorge Bush Father

17-05-2004 17:40

a question

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Sign our protest! Ambassador advocates separation of Roma children from parents

17-05-2004 17:39

In a TV Interview EU Commission's Ambassador proposed to separate Romani children from their parents to submit them to "the system values of the dominant society". Almost no reaction from the EU Commission. Join the Roma organisations in their protest! Spread this message!

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II civi inspection of the NATO base in Valencia (Spain)

17-05-2004 17:26

In explicit desobedience of the prohibition established by the Military Penal Code, approximatly 30 persons managed to enter the NATO rapid deployable corps headquarter in Bétera (Valencia, Spain) in order to participate in the II Civil Inspection to this base.

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A Radical Space in Leeds?

17-05-2004 16:59

Here is the 1st draft of the proposal for funding an autonomous space in Leeds city centre through the Dissent network. Take a look, see what you think, post any comments you might have on Indymedia and bring your thoughts to the next Leeds ARC meeting on Thursday.

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Systematic of Failure

17-05-2004 16:50

"When George W. Bush now calls the abuse of the prisons `un-American', he holds to the hegemonial hubris that was one of the causes of the discovered offenses in Iraq: Americans are different. This is not true at all!.. US handling of torture seems to endanger all future Middle East policy.."

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Iraq - Send in the Clowns - When a smile can break a thousand chains

17-05-2004 15:46

The article looks at the work of activist and clown Jo wilding who has been working in iraq setting up the project - Circus2iraq

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Palestine Demo Pictures

17-05-2004 15:41

Stall in York, building the protest and raising awareness as ever...
More pictures, from before and during the day.

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17-05-2004 14:57

Dripht's forthcoming single 'Mark Barnsley' is available for download in
the News and Media/Audio sections of

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British Troops in Amara Murder 22 Iraqi Prisoners, Mutilate Their Bodies

17-05-2004 13:51

Reuters reported today (read below) that Aides to the Shi'i cleric Moqtada al-Sadr in Najaf accused British Troops in Amara of murdering prisoners from Sadr's Mehdi Army and mutilating their bodies, yesterday. Members of the Mehdi Army in Najaf buried 22 comrades, who they said died as a result of a battle with the British near the southern town of Amara Friday.

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Today is the Day!

17-05-2004 13:29

To whom it may concern...