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Madeleine Albright - Not welcome in Oxford

29-10-2003 11:26

IMC video comeing soon.

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Party and protest against sweatshops this Saturday

29-10-2003 11:26

Workers in a Mexican sweatshop supplying Levis and Tommy Hilfiger face starvation
after 7 were sacked (and 200 more threatened with it) for daring to form a union.

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Indymedia Cinema - London October 30th

29-10-2003 11:07

Indymedia Cinema
@ The Other Cinema

Politics >> Video >> Art

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Iraq's guerrillas adopt new strategy: copy the Americans. By Robert Fisk

29-10-2003 04:09

By Robert Fisk. The Independent.

Understanding the brain. That's what you have to do in a guerrilla war. Find out how it works, what it's trying to do. An attack on US headquarters in Baghdad and six suicide bombings, all at the start of Ramadan. Thirty-four dead and 200 wounded. Where have I heard those statistics before? And how could they be so well co-ordinated - well-timed, down to the last second? And why the Red Cross?

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29-10-2003 03:54

Another example of racism and anti-semitism live in the UK today! All anti racists should get together to get this Nazi professor fired from his job!

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International Civil Rights Movement for the Victims of Jihad and Islamization

29-10-2003 01:55

Radical Jihad-Islamism is a supremacist, quasi-racist ideology that is now waging terrorist war worldwide against innocent men, women and children it labels "infidels." This ideology is supporting religious wars against non-Islamist Muslims and non-Muslim infidels worldwide. It is seeking to establish Apartheid-like regimes similar to those in Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and Sudan, to subjugate and control "infidels."

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'Syrian' Bomber Caught Alive in Baghdad, U.S. Says

29-10-2003 00:25

Anti-American groups sponsored and protected by Syrian Army

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Madeleine Albright ambushed in a dark alley: we were everywhere!

28-10-2003 23:05

Details of action against Madeleine Albright by Oxford students and residents at the Union, 28 October 2003

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28-10-2003 22:33


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The Murder of David Kelly; Part Two of Two, an Analysis

28-10-2003 22:22

(In part one of this report we examined evidence ignored by the national media, both in the U.S. and U.K., that shows fairly conclusively (at least to this writer) that Dr. David Kelly did not commit suicide. * (For an expanded, detailed report of more evidence see the URL in the footnote below.) In this last part, we will look at Kelly’s involvement in and/or knowledge of the secrets of several governments so explosive that once he was adjudged “unreliable” he had to be eliminated.)

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Albright definitely gets the message that she is not welcome in Oxford

28-10-2003 21:50

banners outsite Borders
On Tuesday October 28th, Madeleine Albright came to Oxford form a signature session of her new book at Borders, followed by a talk at the Oxford Union. Many actions took place very succesfully; she definitely got the message that she wasn't welcome in Oxford.

Here is a report of what I saw or heard of, and a few pictures I took.

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Ramadan Mubarak; Ramadan campaigns

28-10-2003 21:39

27th October 2003

Ramadan Mubarak; Ramadan campaigns and what's new at

IHRC would like to wish all Ramadan Mubarak.

1. What you can do for Palestine this Ramadan
2. Other IHRC campaigns
3. Whatís new at

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ROMANIA: Diamond slavery

28-10-2003 21:17

Israeli entrepreneur Menachem Zvik, owner of the MCR International Afumati Romania - is working diamonds by exploiting its workers in apalling conditions.

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Public Meeting: STOP BUSH!

28-10-2003 21:08

Public meeting on 30th October in advance of the visit of George Bush. National and local speakers followed by discussion in groups of activities around the Bush visit and beyond.

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Portrait of a cannon fodder in Iraq (by Latuff)

28-10-2003 20:44

Cannon Fodder
Copyright-free artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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Resistance on the Rail

28-10-2003 18:59

One train passenger describes his spontaneous acts of resistance on the rails.

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A Reminder... Bush Demonstration Details

28-10-2003 18:15

Just a remender of the Anti-Bush Demonstrations...

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Friday 31st: Hallowe'en London Critical Mass!

28-10-2003 17:52

Critical Mass this friday in London, spread the word.