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Sheffield Demonstration against Fees

04-03-2004 18:25

Last wednesday Students from sheffield Uni and Sheffield Hallam
as well as stiking AUT members marched through town and approx
200 people occupied the town hall for an hour.

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Five Year Freeze renews its commitment to a moratorium on GM

04-03-2004 17:50

The Five Year Freeze today renewed its commitment to a
moratorium on the commercial growing of GM crops in the UK.

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Aristide Is Being Held Like a Prisoner. Is Chavez Next?

04-03-2004 17:05



Thursday, March 4th, 2004

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Travellers Lives in Turmoil after eviction

04-03-2004 16:45

A TRAVELLING community evicted from land in Essex have been forced to split up to secure a place to live.

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War is a Racket

04-03-2004 16:29

An alternative antiwar book by one of Americas best military minds against war.A classical funny good account.

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Faslane Peace Camper found guilty in Plymouth MAJOR case

04-03-2004 15:24

Faslane Peace Camper one of those found Guilty in major anti-Trident case at Plymouth Crown Court.

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GM MAIZE COMMERCIALISED: Decision revealed today

04-03-2004 15:21

It was leaked to Greenpeace today that GM Maize is to be commercialised.

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Iraqi Women's League Open Letter to women in military families

04-03-2004 15:11

Iraqi Women's League issues an Open Letter to women in military families, inviting them put the Government on Trial for Crimes at Home and Abroad, as part of the Global Women's Strike - 6 March 2004, Trafalgar Square, London 3-6pm

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Stop the War and Menwith Hill

04-03-2004 15:09

resolutions and actions

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Global Women's Strike serves Subpoena on Tony Blair & Bush

04-03-2004 15:00

As the Global Women's Strike kicks off a week of national and international activities in over 60 countries, it serves a Supboena on Prime MInister Tony Blair and his master George W Bush, charging them with Crimes At Home & Abroad.

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Refugee hunger strike in Glasgow

04-03-2004 14:36

Two Iranian Kurdish refugees, refused asylum in Britain, have fallen unconscious, 15 days after stitching up their mouths and going on hunger strike in Glasgow.

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Speak out against the occupation

04-03-2004 13:22

The Iraq Solidarity Campaign was established in 2003, out of the Coalition Against Sanctions and War on Iraq which campaigned, in the North of the UK, against the UN imposed sanctions, which were put in place in the 1990's on Iraq.

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Another Social Centre to open this Friday in Kentish Town!

04-03-2004 12:28

Barricades and Scaffold do not make a social centre!

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saint precarious!!

04-03-2004 11:41

saint precarious spans the world !!!!

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04-03-2004 10:52

Mrs Percy is married with three children and four grandchildren

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Global labour radio station launched, based in U.K.

04-03-2004 09:25

LabourStart, the London- based online trade union news service, has just launched a 24/7 radio station on the web. It already has listeners in 38 countries.

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Prosecutors take on Genoa police

04-03-2004 08:39

Italian prosecutors have requested the indictment of 29 riot police for alleged brutality against protesters at the G8 summit in Genoa three years ago.
Prosecutors accuse the officers of inflicting injuries on anti-globalisation activists during a pre-dawn raid on a school.

Police say their action was needed to respond to violent demonstrations.

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Mandaeans Suffer in Baghdad

04-03-2004 06:50

Iraq’s post-war chaos is being played out tragically among a small pre-Christian sect in Baghdad.

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Britain's Elites Converting to Islam

04-03-2004 03:28

According to a report by IslamOnLine, an Islamic website, 14,000 of England’s ‘elite’ have already converted to Islam, with more on the way.