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Good article on G8 media manipulation and some of the effects

23-06-2005 09:35

First you scare them and then you play on their fears
Iain MacWhirter June 22 2005
The Herald

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Ideas to change the world

23-06-2005 08:24


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How YOU can help determine the RIGHT TO SLEEP

23-06-2005 01:06

determining the 'right to sleep'

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American and British planes drop 500 lb bombs in Iraq operation

23-06-2005 00:04

While we were writing this report , Dr .H Al-Aaloossy , the director of Al-Qaim General Hospital sent a call for help (June 20,2005) to the international community asking for lifting the military siege imposed by the American and British troops on Al-Qaim and the neighboring areas, and to let the ambulances evacuate the wounded. He also called upon these troops to stop the blood bath, and to let water, electricity, and medical help reach the civilians. He said that tens of families are buried under the rubbles and no medical help can reach them. He confirmed that the majority of the casualties were civilians, women and children

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Art Not Oil heads to Scotland - update & call for help

22-06-2005 22:13

Hi peoples,

I hope it's OK to write with a wish list...

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Shell - a neighbour from Hell? Public meeting, LSE, 23.6.05

22-06-2005 22:02

A neighbour from Hell?

Shell’s fenceline communities tell their stories

Public Meeting Invite 23rd June 7:30pm

Meet communities who live on Shell’s doorstep and find out first hand what it is like to have Shell as a neighbour. Talks by communities who are in the UK to attend Shell’s AGM on the 28th at ExCel followed by discussion on what we should be doing to hold Shell accountable for its impacts on people’s health and the environment.

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22-06-2005 21:59

So, that is why I think US forces are in Israel, and why YOU are not being told about it. Your kids are being used as human shields, from behind which Israel will strike out at yet another neighboring nation. And it isn't like Israel cares what happens to your kids,because even if Iran does retaliate after being attacked, Israel still gets the war they want, paid for in the blood of American children.

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Fuelling Resistance - report from Basra on GUOE conference

22-06-2005 21:47

Iraqi oil workers hold first historic anti-oil privatisation conference in Basra...

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Plater College Open Debate

22-06-2005 20:07

This short article is to notify the public of an open debate on the issue of the closure of Plater College, Oxford between representative of the Plater College Foundation and the college's current administration.

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one account of G8 Sheffield

22-06-2005 16:54

Video cyclists on hannover way
I was involved in all the Rhythms of Resistance actions last week starting with the banner drop at 7.00 Wednesday morning on Park Square roundabout.

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G8 bike ride going well

22-06-2005 16:01

The G8 bike ride has got to Nottingham _ All is well

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Brighton to Gleneagles Bike Caravan.

22-06-2005 15:50

Here is a video of them leaving London.

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Without a UN mandate, the EU illegally fights and pays...

22-06-2005 14:33

Bush welcomes European Union Traitors to the White Haus - The Netherlands war criminals send another thousand troops to fight and do the dirty work for the US. Like Blair's England?

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Bob Trubshaw, "Sacred Places" at Libra Aries Books

22-06-2005 14:22

Bob Trubshaw speaks on "The Invention of Sacred Places" at Libra Aries Books. Sunday 26th June 2005 at 2pm.

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Save Yourselves

22-06-2005 13:07

The long-term implications of Peak Oil on your way of life
are nothing short of mind blowing. As we slide down the
downslope of the global oil production curve, we may find
ourselves slipping into what some scientists are calling a
“post-industrial stone age.”

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Get ready to support anti-G8 prisoners in Scotland

22-06-2005 11:21

Get ready to support anti-G8 prisoners in Scotland

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Pride week mini film festival

22-06-2005 10:58

Scene from "Heart of the Beholder"
Gay & Lesbian Humanists present films on religious fundamentalism.

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postal police vs autistici

22-06-2005 10:13


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Rhythms of Resistance’s “G8 Summer Fete”

22-06-2005 10:05

A fundraiser for the upcoming week of protests in Scotland

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G8 arms exports fuelling poverty and human rights abuses (new report)

22-06-2005 09:47

22 June 2005

New report from the Control Arms Campaign: Amnesty International, Oxfam, IANSA

The G8: global arms exporters
Failing to prevent irresponsible arms transfers