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Without a UN mandate, the EU illegally fights and pays...

Henk Ruyssenaars | 22.06.2005 14:33 | Anti-militarism | Globalisation | Repression

Bush welcomes European Union Traitors to the White Haus - The Netherlands war criminals send another thousand troops to fight and do the dirty work for the US. Like Blair's England?

by Henk Ruyssenaars

AMSTERDAM/WASHINGTON - June 22nd 2005 - The by many despised Dutch minister of War (crimes) - Henk Kamp - has contrary to the wishes of the majority of the dutch people - confirmed that he (not the people, nor the parliament ) will send another thousand troops to Afghanistan to strenghten the illegal* US/Isr/UK/Dutch warfare.

The Dutch neocon government - which calls itself 'Christian' - is informed about the fact that the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are illegal according to the United Nations Secretary general*, the Geneva Conventions and international law. They do clearly not care and 'just follow orders'...

And while in Istanbul in Turkey the 'World Tribunal on the War Crimes in Iraq' tomorrow starts it's final session* - treacherous European Union leaders have been welcomed to Washington by global War criminal # 1 George Bush and his Israeli advisers. []

All major media, their propaganda channels, have spouted the text that ''in frank, open and clear discussions with President Bush last Monday, European Union leaders reiterated their support for a strategic partnership with the United States and emphasized their decision to work together on stability and reconstruction in Iraq." Contrary again to the wishes of the Europeans who want an immediate end to the wars, and who voted down their whole 'New World Order scheme' which the EU leaders presented to them in the last referenda.- []

France and Holland loudly said NO!, but the US influence and following corruption, lies and destruction in Brussels, is hair-raising. The result is ignorant Europeans fighting more and more, and paying more and more of everything the neocon policy is destroying, like the Human Rights. Countries, human beings: there seems to be no limit to the nefarious stupidity which is there for everybody to see.

Only those profiting from the crimes are not willing to see or understand what's coming to them. Now ''the U.S. and EU are hosting a conference in Brussels this week that includes more than 80 countries and several international organizations brainstorming on ways to build a "free and prosperous" Iraq.'' The brain damaged rethoric gushes.

The infamous war crimes - like genocide, murder and torture - are absolutely not supported by the european people who abhor the wars - but apparently accepted by voted down minions like Jean-Claude Juncker, EU president and Jose Manuel Barroso, president of the European Commission, who is investigated by the EU for accepting bribes and giving a 10 million Euro 'subsidy' in return. Also present were unreliable figures like Benita Ferrero-Waldner, the EU External Relations Commissioner, and Javier Solana, the EU security affairs chief.


To the eternal shame of themselves, Juncker and Barroso added that ''despite early differences on Iraq, the European Union is cooperating closely'' - confirming their bootlicking and punishable Quisling attitude. Worst was the totally unreliable portugese crook Barroso, who in the vile tradition of the fascist Salazar regime [] said: "We really believe that the world is a better place when the United States and Europe works closely together." Like Hitler and Mussolini...

As soon as is possible, Barroso and his malignant ilk will be punished for their war crimes and treason. Those treacherous European leaders - which are executing the neocon's orders - and again without a UN Security Council mandate - are partners in war crimes while the US for instance has put it's bloodied pawns on the oil wells in Darfur with NATO and EU so called 'peace forces' as the usual fig leave to steal/control all oil in Africa.

With Blair doing his best to transform himself from the Butcher of Baghdad into "Friend of Africa". Whatever: Blair - and his same group of neocon advisers as Bush - is a war criminal, and his days in court will come. Their friend Geldof's 'help for Africa' will only be believed when he for once says something about the ''Holocaust of the Palestinians'' by Israeli war criminals. They suffer horribly too. But, most of the military - and a growing number of false NGO's etc. - do not 'help the people' as they say, but only form the 'cover' to guard the neocon interests.

The people of the Netherlands for instance, have absolutely no idea whatsoever about most of this, nor about how much of their income is stolen to finance the illegal wars and how much they must pay for the US multinationals 'reconfiguring their energy needs and profits'. Nobody wants to say how many billions are secretly stolen and how much the war crimes are costing the Dutch taxpayers - and all other - taxpayers. The Dutch pay (after Sweden) the second highest taxes in the world, and with the help of the mainstream media, are robbed blind by the crooks managing the media and the shameless and criminal so called 'government'; all the time supporting US-Israeli crimes, profitable only to the multinationals 'running' the Netherlands. Worst of all is the dutch neoconservative party VVD. (Vereniging Van Dieven).

THE 'POWERS THAT BE' IN THEIR CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES never give a damn about people's lives, as long as any profit is to be made for them. That's why trade is a major issue between the EU and US, with about $1.8 billion in trade per day or $1 trillion worth of trade crossing the Atlantic Ocean annually. That accounts for about 20 percent of each party's total trade. But 'the people' never benefit: they have to shut up and pay up, sacrificed on the neocon's altar of greed.

But, both France and the Netherlands have overwhelmingly voted NO! to the traitors last treacherous draft EU 'constitution', which would have turned the whole European Union into a still worse criminal and detoriating neocon vassal state. The multinational neocons in Poland, the United States Kingdom / England, Denmark and Portugal have all been forced to cancel until further notice a vote on making the EU one big market place and US mercenary via NATO, and have started to brainwash the EU populations still more, like in the Netherlands is tried too.


One sees the same combination of greed and lack of intelligence in Washington: after talking to the leading EU traitors in Washington last Monday, Bush said ''the United States will not bow to cold-hearted killers".

Forgetting that it's because of his and his neocon advisers' crimes, that - after a US majority apparently voted for Bush - the rest of the world now looks upon most Americans as 'cold hearted killers'...



Henk Ruyssenaars


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