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Plater College Open Debate

Nick Simpson/Richard Wood | 22.06.2005 20:07 | Education | Social Struggles | Oxford

This short article is to notify the public of an open debate on the issue of the closure of Plater College, Oxford between representative of the Plater College Foundation and the college's current administration.

There will be an open debate between representatives of the Plater College Foundation and the colleg's current administration tomorrow - Thurs 23rd - at 8pm at the East Oxford Community Centre. The community centre is located on the corner of Cowley Road and Princes Street. All are welcome, especially interested media people.

The motion to be debated will be:

"This house believes that the management of Plater College are failing in the mission entrusted to them and, therefore, has called for a vote of no confidence in the present administration"

There will be three representatives from each side.

As a taster there will be absolute proof of illegal behaviour on behalf of the administration of Plater College.

We will post up another article after the debate. Watch this space!

Nick Simpson/Richard Wood
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