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14-02-2004 02:35

Flotillas of HOPE
The Flotilla of Hope welcomes the Australian Senate's call for the closure
of the Nauru detention centre.

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Doctors: Medical evidence does not support suicide by Kelly

14-02-2004 01:13

Since three of us wrote our letter to the Guardian on January 27, questioning whether Dr Kelly's death was suicide, we have received professional support for our view from vascular surgeon Martin Birnstingl, pathologist Dr Peter Fletcher, and consultant in public health Dr Andrew Rouse. We all agree that it is highly improbable that the primary cause of Dr Kelly's death was haemorrhage from transection of a single ulnar artery, as stated by Brian Hutton in his report.

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Facing down fascists on Oxford Street - 12/02/04

14-02-2004 00:35

Where are the supporters of the Palestinians in this country?

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FTAA negotiations failed at meeting in Puebla

14-02-2004 00:18

At the start of february representatives of 34 american states have met for one week in Puebla, 65 km south of Mexico City, to negotiate about the introduction of the free trade area of the Americas.
Thousands of protesters have taken to the streets of Puebla in opposition to the FTAA (span: ALCA) negotiations.
10 years after the introduction of NAFTA, the North American Free Trade Area, the US is persuing an expansion of the free trade area over the continents for the 1. Januar 2005.
The talks have been abandoned after 4 days without result.

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The campaign to save the Stonehenge of the North

13-02-2004 22:15

The Late Neolithic monument complex at Thornborough, North Yorkshire, was possibly the most important sacred site in their day. Today they form part of the largest prehistoric sacred landscape in Britain. They have been called the Stonehenge of the north - comparable to Westminster, York and Canterbury Cathedrals - all placed in a single location! Yet here the ancient peoples built three henges - the only triple henge alignment in the world - part of the only six henge complex in the world. We are fighting to stop the landscape around these most important monuments from being quarried for gravel.

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RCW News

13-02-2004 21:14

Latest bad news as reported in Romanian press

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F15 anniversary party on, stream not (yet???)

13-02-2004 20:22

quick update on what's happening to the audiostream from the peacenotwar party from feb 12 to 15 in London:

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Bush the Deserter

13-02-2004 19:47

For a good laugh now however (never lose your sense of humor), go to the following link and see/hear Bush�s press secretary tap dance like a man on a frying pan. It is one of those rarest of times that the US media actually does its job and asks highly relevant questions.

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Scotland and Wales veto UK Gov GM go-ahead

13-02-2004 18:47

Scotland and Wales veto GM go-ahead

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Guildford say NO to council house transfer

13-02-2004 18:25

Tory controlled Guildford say no to privatisation of council houses.

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thank you to the lovely people of manchester £230 given for Nine Ladies

13-02-2004 18:03

i wish i could get to blackwood.....
but i can't. but massive sparkling thanks with big fireworks to the people of manc who keep finding cash in their pockets

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can someone post directions to blackwood?

13-02-2004 17:04

can someone post directions to blackwood?

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Hungary protesters fend off fellers

13-02-2004 16:13

Environmental protesters in Hungary are claiming victory in their first battle to prevent the construction of a Nato radar station in the country's south.
Security guards were on Friday unable to remove local people and activists who had chained themselves to trees.

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Great news! All charges dropped for Simon Chapman and another 12 protestors!

13-02-2004 15:00

Just came up on Athens IMC, following is a rough translation

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Simon Chapman acquitted!

13-02-2004 14:52

Today, a Greek judicial council decided that evidence against British protestor Simon Chapman is not convincing and acquitted him from all charges

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campaign hots up to defend malmesbury Hospital

13-02-2004 14:14

Malmesbury Maternity Unit is threatened with closure by Kennet & North Wiltshire Primary Care Trust (PCT) along with the Devizes Maternity Unit despite big campaigns to defend these units in each town.
A petition of 10000 was presented to the PCT last year. Campaigners have asked for it back as they now wish to present it to Parliamant, but the PCT refuses to return it wotout explanation (probably becasue they just binned it - showing their real concern for local feeling)

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Internet Radio from Bristol

13-02-2004 12:13

Martian and Pru in the Dialect studio
The Bristol Broadband Co-operative is UK Indymedia's latest independent radio service. Our flagship (and only) show is the weekly, three hour, 'Dialect'. Listen live on Thursday evenings or you can hear us on the loop for the rest of the week. All feedback on reception appreciated.

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Waugh foresaw Kaliningrad Kant

13-02-2004 11:42

As the European Union prepares to enlarge, Herr Fischer's visit to an isolated Russian enclave is reminiscent of Scott-King's fictitious visit to Neustralia.

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13-02-2004 11:31


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James Petras on fighting Imperialism

13-02-2004 11:02

A timely article in light of recent machinations of what has been happening in the ESF organising process in the UK 9this article refers to that and the SWP's involvement). Excellent critique of Anti-war movement and their inability to take forward the politics of their opposition to the existing world order to it's logical conclusion - namely moving forward to an explicitly anti-imperialist critical analysis and politics.
taken from "FightRacism-FightImperialism" (Issue No.176 December 2003/January 2004)
James Petras' original paper can be found at the following website: