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Simon Chapman acquitted!

akis | 13.02.2004 14:52 | Repression

Today, a Greek judicial council decided that evidence against British protestor Simon Chapman is not convincing and acquitted him from all charges

According to a report on Athens indymedia by the Legal Team, a judicial council in Thessaloniki, Greece, decided today that evidence against 13 defendants accused for riot during the June 2003 EU Summit, including British protestor Simon Chapman, is not convincing and acquitted them from all charges.
The council transformed the charges to less severe ones for another 6 protestors, including one Spanish citizen who participated to the hunger strike, and they also ordered that further investigation be held for 8 other prisoners, as the police's evidence against them are not clear and conclusive.
The court's decision is a clear disapproval of the police's repressive attitude and a victory of the solidarity movement in Greece and abroad.