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Great news! All charges dropped for Simon Chapman and another 12 protestors!

antonymous | 13.02.2004 15:00 | World

Just came up on Athens IMC, following is a rough translation

Simon Chapman and another 12 people charged in connection to their participation to the June demos in Thessaloniki are having ALL their CHARGES DROPPED, according to the decision of the Court of Thessaloniki, an hour ago. Another 6 of the (29 in total) are only charged with misdemeanours; for all the rest the court asked the investigation to continue, due to the gaps and contradictions in the evidence against them!!!

The decision of the Court of Thessaloniki regarding the events of June in Thessaloniki was published today. The Court, comprising of three judges, accepted most of the defendants' claims and has dropped the charges for thirteen of them, including Simon Chapman. Another six defendants, including the Spanish ex-hunger striker Carlos, are going to be charged with misdemeanours. For the other 8 defendants the court ordered the investigation to continue, as it spotted many gaps and contradictions in the statements of policemen and a lack of other evidence. This is a justification for the hunger strikers' struggle and for all of those who were claiming the charges were set up by the authorities.


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