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Republicans Stunt Leads to Firebombing

21-03-2003 14:27

Fire destroyed the French Cleaners in Modesto early Wednesday, and later that morning the owners discovered obscene graffiti at their Turlock store and pellet holes in a window of the Ceres store.

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Fairford tomorrow - coaches from London

21-03-2003 14:26

There are still some seats available on the coaches from London to Fairford tomorrow. Book now or show up tomorrow morning.

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America's attack on Iraq seems strangely careful and bloodless but.....

21-03-2003 14:08

.... it's important to think about why this is. America has taken great care, there has been no massive aerial bombardment, an early ground war that threatens only soldiers, and great care not to destroy important infrastructure. They are starting this war very slowly and trying desperately to encourage Iraq to go quietly, concentrating on attempts to assassinate Hussein and his regime. Why?

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Bilston Anti Bypass Camp - News Update

21-03-2003 13:57

After a cold & snowy winter Bilston Wood is coming to life again...

Full article | 1 comment - A wall on the web for Peace, to say No to war.

21-03-2003 13:38 - A wall on the web for Peace, to say No to war.

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Flagrant bias from the BBC

21-03-2003 13:36

In this message:
1. Flagrant pro-war bias on News at 10
2. BBC news chief to debate anti-war leader

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Roundup on Palestine

21-03-2003 13:23

**Israeli Army Invades al-Maghazi at Dawn; Demolishes Home**Nablus: Wide-Scale Israeli Military Operation and Curfew**Jenin: Curfews and Arrests**Jericho:

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Maradona against the War: Bush is a Criminal

21-03-2003 13:21

This sports star that has grace football so much and career ruined by those ignorant Americans has spoken out against this Lucifer agent George W Bush. Bless this mere mortal!

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Greeks rise in protest against war!

21-03-2003 13:17

Blessed mortals let their voices be heard in Athena to let these ignorant sinful Americans know their actions are criminal and will suffer dearly for their crimes. Ignorant Americans you don't rule the earth you are plain stupid!

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Stoke-on-Trent demonstration and 'die-in'

21-03-2003 13:10

Stoke-on-Trent demonstration and 'die-in'
This morning activists in the Stoke-on-Trent area held a demonstartion outside the Civic Centre car park in Stoke-on-Trent, and leafleted people who were arriving for work. The police prescence prevented a full blockade, but the demo still caused disruption. Afterwards, we went and did a 'die-in' outside the front entrance. (article 1)

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Cyprus allows USA access to its air space

21-03-2003 13:09

Cyprus has granted access to its airspace contraray to the wishes of the cypriot people and the Cyprus government will have blood on its hands. These ignorant mortals must be punished soon for accessory to murder!

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Community roadblocks against the war

21-03-2003 13:09

Community road blocks against the war, are the latest protest weapon. Coming soon to a traffic jam near you. Working class protestant and catholic community workers are considering community road blocks against the war. As seen in the Markets area belfast last month, when residents sucessfully blocked entrance to their area.

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Scottish anti-war press coverage

21-03-2003 12:49

coverage of anti-war protests in Scotland by press.

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Failure of the anti-war movement.

21-03-2003 12:45

Anti-war protests in Europe are large-scale, but have no influence.

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Police attack Cardiff peace protest

21-03-2003 12:40

After three hours of peaceful protest, the Cardiff police attack protestors on an anti-war demo

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London cyclists pedal for peace

21-03-2003 12:39

Report of Friday morning's critical mass ride in central London called by Cyclists Against the War

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Doubts about children on demos?

21-03-2003 12:25

If they are eligible to go to war, they have a right to protest against war.

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Urgent action to support Mexican Garment Workers

21-03-2003 12:16

Click thru protest to Mexican authorities, Puma and others in support of Matamoros Garment workers facing union-busting and the sack.

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BBC News

21-03-2003 12:15

BBC News

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M20 Sheffield Video Clips

21-03-2003 12:09

Four short video clips from Shefield Anti-war demonstrations held on 20th March 2003. (article 1)