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John O'Neill

19-02-2002 23:28

Was John O'Neill set up to die in the WTC? O'Neill's intense pursuit of CIA asset Osama bin Laden while he was head of the FBI's counter-terror unit brought him into conflict with higher levels of the US Government until he was offered the job as head of security for the World Trade Towers at three times his previous salary. His first day of work was 9-11

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INJUSTICE – European Parliament Screening.

19-02-2002 23:21

INJUSTICE – European Parliament Screening 5th March 2002

INJUSTICE - the feature length documentary about deaths in police custody in the UK– will have a special screening in the European Parliament, Brussels on Tuesday 5th March.

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Yarls Wood - 25 detainees unaccounted for

19-02-2002 23:01

Around 25 asylum detainees remain unaccounted for after last week’s blaze at Yarl’s Wood.

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privatized services and prison sentences

19-02-2002 22:13

selling off our libraries and putting us in prison for objecting

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Earth First! is dead

19-02-2002 21:23

Earth First! is dead, there is no getting round it, this group is going nowhere

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Pirates to the rescue ! little girl who needs lung transplant

19-02-2002 21:12

This article appeared in the Observer 4 weeks ago and would have had no publicity if it wernt for Power Jam Radio who started the ball rolling, and got Londons black comunity to pull together to help save this 3 year old's life

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The true cost of E$$O petrol

19-02-2002 20:41

E$$O fiddles as the world drowns

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The Underdog - March 2002

19-02-2002 20:19

The Underdog: Newsletter of the Walthamstow Anarchist Group

Issue 2 - March 2002

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Magic Lantern, Mossad, Carnivore, NSA, Cointelpro, FBI...Electronic ID, SIS, inf

19-02-2002 19:38

infiltrators, e-mail lists, Corporate
Media...political puppets, silent assassins, covert agents,
secret military tribunals, databases, registration, profilation,
camouflage scanning, large scale surveillance, strangling grip on democracy, Echelon eavesdropping, confiscation of political literature ....

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19-02-2002 18:57

A short update from the INDYMEDIA CARAVAN in Latin America.
Buenos Aires 17-02-2002

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Oxford Business School Banner Hanger Not Guilty Verdict

19-02-2002 18:39

Oxford Protester found not guilty of aggravated trespass for business school banner hang

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Aberdeen Anarchist Resistance

19-02-2002 17:17

Aberdeen Anarchist Resistance

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Trojan horse - or clothes horse?

19-02-2002 16:19

Is everyone else getting as annoyed with Noreena Hertz as I am? She doesn't speak for us but she thinks she does. She doesn't know what she's talking about. And she talks about wearing anticapitalist designer wear. She's a laughing stock of the movement. Someone slap her.

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Forthcoming Mayday Meetings

19-02-2002 16:01

Three meetings are taking this place this week to co-ordinate Mayday actions.

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Caterpillar Company to condemn the illegal use of bulldozers

19-02-2002 15:50

The whole world was shocked a few days ago by the Israeli army's massive house demolition campaign in the Rafah Refugee Camp in the occupied Gaza Strip, robbing 700 Palestinians, young and old, men, women and children of all they had. This action was not the first time that that the Israeli army destroys the homes of occupied Palestinians. Such acts are a manifest violation of the Geneva Conventions

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Bank Manager Accused of Bomb Hoax

19-02-2002 15:21

A 39 year old Manager from Bear Stearns Bank will face trial in Snaresbrook Crown Court, accused of a bizarre incident last year at London City Airport (Docklands).

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Aktion Kinder der Holocaust email reply

19-02-2002 15:02

I wrote to AKdH saking for details about the impending lawsuit aginst Inymedia Switzerland and got this reply:

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New laws to suppress academic research

19-02-2002 14:19

Laws being introduced by the Government would give it the power to see academic papers before they are published and suppress them. It could also prevent the use of e-mails between foreign colleagues.

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Death Row Artist James P. Anderson, A Case Of Reasonable Doubt

19-02-2002 13:46

Free James P. Anderson!