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Minutes of Manchester NO2ID Meeting, Wednesday 16th August 2006

29-08-2006 23:48

Manchester NO2ID Logo
This month, Manchester NO2ID had our first meeting at the wheelchair-accessible Friends Meeting House. It was very packed and busy, perhaps too busy since we didn't have much time for our usual chat and digression. At the next meeting, rather than first reviewing the previous meeting's minutes then recapping when we go through the agenda, I will simply place ongoing activities on the new agenda so we can get through it more quickly.

This isn't the exact order in which matters were discussed; I have re-ordered things a little to make it easier to follow. I have included some updates since the meeting, which was now a fortnight ago! Also, I have put links at the end of each section rather than at the very bottom. Dates for the diaries will follow shortly.

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I paid.

29-08-2006 23:01

I paid
So now I want.

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New unlawful 'stop & search' tactics used this weekend.

29-08-2006 20:45

Over the weekend, I experienced a new variation on unlawful police 'stop and search' tactics in London. They looked like a trial run for Israeli-style 'check-points' being used in Britain, setting a worrying precedent.

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Draconian scapegoat orders 'stacked against' Thomas

29-08-2006 20:37

A constitutional law expert
A constitutional law expert says the system is stacked against Melbourne man Jack Thomas.

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Army Retaliation against Sgt. Donald Buswell, the 911 NCO

29-08-2006 19:31

The US Army has done the only thing it could do in its attempt to undermine the "911 NCO," Sergeant Donald Buswell, who has become a central figure in the 911 Truth Movement by calling for a new 911 investigation -- and being attacked for it. Sergeant Buswell, it turns out, has powerful comrades in the State Department who present a big problem for a military bent on defaming him for his position of principle and his mission of conscience.

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Kofi Annan is Welcomed to Dhayiya. Monday August 28th.

29-08-2006 17:33

Today after what seemed to be little more than symbolic press conference (no questions allowed) with the Lebanese political aristocracy. The head of the UN went to South Beirut. Don’t get me wrong I’m sure Kofi Annan is a nice bloke with his heart in the right place. I have also seen loads of practical UN aid being distributed across the war torn areas of Lebanon. The Israelis hate them; of this there is no doubt. They even deliberately murdered four of their soldiers in an observation post at the beginning of the war. However the UN has yet again proved to be powerless. The feeling on the ground here is that it was the Israelis entrenched in an unwinable ground war that forced the ceasefire. The UN as usual was forced to tow the line of America. (See- Bosnia/Rwanda/Iraq for further reading.) So, whose idea was it to bring Mr Annan to Dhayiya? An area that was bombed solidly for 33 days while the worlds leaders could not even call for an immediate ceasefire. The people of Dhayiya gave them the welcome they deserved.

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Twenty arrested at scene of Hartlepool Nuclear Blockade

29-08-2006 17:32

Twenty people have been arrested at the Hartlepool Nuclear Power Station Blockade.

Up to nine people were involved in locking on to create blockades at the front and back of the power station.

One can only assume the total of twenty arrests must therefore include all of the supporters. It definatly includes a card carrying NUJ videographer who was there to cover the events.

It's understood those locking on had to be cut out of their arm tubes etc and were in place blocking the gates for most of the day.

More later when confirmed.

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Art against war in Lebanon. Friday August 25th.

29-08-2006 17:21

“Are you with Spiderman?” enquires a representative of the Hizbollah cultural wing. I am nervously watching British stencil graffiti artist ‘Arofish’ scale yet another crumbling wall in Dhayiya. His design for the space involves images of Lebanese children defiantly flying kites in the ruins of South Beirut. Kite flying is a traditional act of defiance used by Palistinian children to break the Israeli curfews. Here Arofish has also included some ghostly white, unattached kites to represent the children who did not survive the war. He has previously scrawled less than flattering images of Ariel Sharon in occupied Palistine and defaced American bases in Baghdad.

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Bent Jbeil, South Lebanon. Sunday Aug 27th. Photo report.

29-08-2006 17:11

Bent Jbeil is Israel's Fallujah. It has resisted every attempt at occupation over the years. During this war they announced it's capture no less than five times. Each time they had to revise their statement. Towards the begining of the war the Israelis marched straight into a trap here. Seven of their soldiers were killed and loads more wounded. The retaliation was extreme. The town centre no longer exists. The buildings were shelled to rubble. The rubble was shelled to pebbles and the pebbles were shelled to dust.

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Video of a greek University Students Protest 8-6-2006

29-08-2006 15:35

comments on the video are welcome to:

or the greek indymedia

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US rice farmers sue Bayer CropScience over GM rice

29-08-2006 15:04

LOS ANGELES, Aug 28 (Reuters) - Rice farmers in Arkansas, Missouri, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas and California have sued Bayer CropScience, alleging its genetically modified rice has contaminated the crop, attorneys for the farmers said on Monday.

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drax may be bad for your health

29-08-2006 15:01

interesting science news link especially for supporters of climate camp against drax.

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Titnore Appeal Lost - Eviction Imminent

29-08-2006 14:41

Polyprop, food and PEOPLE needed urgently for eviction as it could be at any time now!!

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Peak Oil and Energy Descent

29-08-2006 14:19

Interview with mandy minkle. Introduction to the deeply worrying concept of Peak Oil (that we have used up half the oil on the planet, and that the second half of it is harder to get at) and our societies' addiction to oil.

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How to Organise a Major Terrorist Scare

29-08-2006 13:52

How easy is it to organise a major terrorist scare like the one that’s currently gridlocking the world’s airports? Dead easy. If you follow a few simple points you can panic the populace and stampede the media with virtually no risk of getting caught. All it takes is a little confidence.

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Police bullyboy tactics @ critical mass-25/08/06

29-08-2006 13:31

The police used imtimidatory tacticts at fridays critical mass,one police officer D360 was ready to use CS gas on a cyclist.

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Leaks to US media on alleged bomb threat

29-08-2006 13:27

Some interesting 'info' as we edge closer to the pogroms

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360 degree virtual reality tour around climate camp

29-08-2006 12:03

Just to give everyone who hasn't attended the climate camp (why not!?) an idea of the scale of the camp. Somewhat jerky video twirl right around the camp using a tripod but not the normal type of tripod that video makers use.

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Parliament Sacking Oct 9th

29-08-2006 11:49

Maximum Support and Publicity Needed

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Climate Camp Police Visit

29-08-2006 11:13

Police was allowed this morning into the Climate Action Camp, after they threatened yesterday to enter by force if they were not allowed to do so. After more than 24 hours of negotiations, it was decided to allow them in and walk around the camp, whilst being escorted by legal observers and activist media.