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Twenty arrested at scene of Hartlepool Nuclear Blockade

info update | 29.08.2006 17:32 | Climate Camp 2006 | Climate Chaos | Ecology

Twenty people have been arrested at the Hartlepool Nuclear Power Station Blockade.

Up to nine people were involved in locking on to create blockades at the front and back of the power station.

One can only assume the total of twenty arrests must therefore include all of the supporters. It definatly includes a card carrying NUJ videographer who was there to cover the events.

It's understood those locking on had to be cut out of their arm tubes etc and were in place blocking the gates for most of the day.

More later when confirmed.

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info update


Update on arrests

30.08.2006 09:52

All twenty were released from four police stations from around 1.30am till 2.30am.
None were charged but released on police bail to return in a month.
Those arrested included the entire support team, drivers, media liaison, and a freelance journalist. All were arrested on 'suspicion of aggrevated tresspass' (it is not clear whether this related to section 68 or 69).
The first arrests happen at about 2.30pm and the last at around 6pm as the last protesters was cut from the lockon tubes. Thoses arrested were held upto 11 hours.
All mobile phones were kept as evidence (apart from one they missed due to incompetence), along with all cameras and and the journalists footage.
One vehicle is believed to have been impounded.
One persons keys, money, wallet and other essential personal property was kept as 'evidence' - offical complaints about treatment are understood to have been lodged.

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Bail conditions

30.08.2006 12:06

Due to inaccurate police statements, the mainstream media has been reporting that those arrested at Hartlepool Power Station have been 'banned' from all power stations in England and Wales. This is inaccurate. The police bail is subject to the following two conditions...

(1) Stay out of the local authority boundary of Hartlepool unless to answer Bail.
(2) Not to approach any of the British Energy Generation Sites in the UK, those being Hartlepool, Heysham, Hunterston, Torness, Hinkley Point, Dungeness, and Sizewell.

The following reasons are given for the imposed conditions, "Evident that this is an [sic] countrywide organised protest to cause distruption to UK energy supplies" which is interesting since the specified generating sites represent less than 20% of UK electricity production capacity.

The mainstream media are also reporting 20 protester were arrested rather than 19 allegded and one journalist.