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Caterkiller Protest

01-07-2004 11:46

Caterkiller Protest

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Counter Military Procession

01-07-2004 11:42

on our way
A funeral procesion was hosted by Ipswich Anarchists as an armed military march paralysed the market town's high street for several hours.

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Iraq after 425 days of US rule.

01-07-2004 11:35

Stat details from the Indy on Iraq and US occupation.

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01-07-2004 11:04

Amnesty Intl launches new book to help combat homophobia.

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Resistance Poetry on Sheffield IMC Radio

01-07-2004 11:04

Video Video
Ahead of next week's Indymedia show on SheffieldLive radio, Sheffield IMC took a trip down to Bukowski's bar on Wednesday night and caught up with local performance poet, James Resistanza, for some polemical beats and rhymes - have a listen below.

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Iraq Occupation Focus Factsheet on the bogus "handover"

01-07-2004 10:56

Iraq Occupation Focus has produced a Factsheet on the bogus "handover"

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bill boards from Bristol

01-07-2004 10:41

bill boards from Bristol

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NICK FERRARI racist discrimination on LBC

01-07-2004 09:32

Nick Ferrari and his patron the LBC rear their ugly head again in another display of racist discrimination.

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Against wind farms?

01-07-2004 08:39

Local residants at Boxworth, south Cambridgeshire, have set up a campain to stop a wind farm being build near their village. Any comments?

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Anti-Occupation demo Edinburgh Wednesday 30th June 2004

01-07-2004 04:46

Iraqi Scot Susan Karim (left) with Scottish writer A L Kennedy (right).
This is a 2,000 word report with six photos about the anti-occupation demonstration held in Edinburgh on Wednesday 30th June 2004.

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Against occupation in Palestine and Iraq (by Latuff)

01-07-2004 04:23

The claws of Imperialism
Copyright-free artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff, on behalf of brave Palestinian and Iraqi people.

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John Wilkes' Letter from The Black Country 1: Dodgy electoral practice matters!

30-06-2004 23:44

Local councils can still issue incorrect ballot papers depite the law which stops confusing descriptions on them. They can also block count scrutiny. We all should be concerned about all electoral mal-practice.

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Fahrenheit 911, free screening 4th July

30-06-2004 23:37

To celebrate the 4th of July and our independence from the USA, there will be an evening of film at the Rampart, featuring a premiere of Michael Moores smash hit 'Fahrenheit 911' which opened last weekend in the US and has already broken all box office records...

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Ugly bugs bugger your life and the world

30-06-2004 22:50

I'm sure the official channels will advise you soon that your attendance is needed for these flitting skin-crawling bugs They get under your skin and from their vortex on the world skin permeate the global grid
Parasite-ridding activism needed right now

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New prisoner, Dave Edwards needs your support

30-06-2004 22:02

A new political prisoner in the Midlands, UK would welcome your letters of support, particularly as he is on hunger strike.

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Screening of '4th World War' at Edge Hill College

30-06-2004 20:51

The ground breaking film '4th World War' is showing on Friday night (2nd July) at
7.45pm in the Rose Theatre at Edge Hill College in Ormskirk. I know it's a
bit of a trek, but well worth it if you have the time.

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30-06-2004 20:07

remember to be afraid - be very afraid - many thanks - MoD
-Upcoming 911 events and meetings in London
-Introductions of new members and websites and opportunity to link up
-Suggested activities and how we can help each other
-Wider events and news from the 911 truth movement

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Landlord's anger after pub attack

30-06-2004 17:55

Landlord's anger after pub attack

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Update on the Human Rights case re. employment disability discrimination

30-06-2004 17:51

Thanks to everyone for the support in the case, particularly those in South Norwood and Hackney. Here a short update.

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Protest the Democratic National Convention on July 25

30-06-2004 17:42

Sunday, July 25
National Rally/March through the streets of Boston, MA to Protest the DNC
12 noon - Boston Common