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more pix of lausanne

04-06-2003 11:29

more pix of lausanne
more pix of lausanne (article 1)

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pictures from lausanne 01/06

04-06-2003 11:22

pictures from lausanne 01/06
pictures from actions on 01/06 (article 1)

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rubber bullets

04-06-2003 11:15

link to scaled pictures of rubber bullets

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West Midlands Anarchists Press Release

04-06-2003 10:47

Press releasing to reassure others that we have expelled a certain member who has been acting in a way which could have damaged our relationship with other groups.

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04-06-2003 09:36

The Psychopath of Sabra has started the big stall.

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English Defence Force close Aberystwyth

04-06-2003 08:59

PEOPLE looking "slightly Welsh" could be ordered to produce an identity card tomorrow, as a peace group acts out what it claims are the daily troubles facing thousands of Palestinians on the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

Aberystwyth Peace Network (APN), masquerading as the English Defence Force, will occupy the town, imposing a curfew, building checkpoints and asking for identity cards from all people with a Celtic complexion.

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Spies 'fuelled Iraq arms row'

04-06-2003 08:21

perhaps blairs time is really up if the his puppet masters have really stopped pulling his strings and M15 has it's knife into him Bring on the tories !!!!
Spies 'fuelled Iraq arms row' Rogue elements within the
intelligence services have been blamed by a senior
minister for briefing against the government about the weapons threat posed by

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EU-Summit in Thessaloniki can be blocked!

04-06-2003 07:57

Just say “Welcome” to EU as deserved!
Press release, June,1 2003

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04-06-2003 07:40


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04-06-2003 07:14

anyone else miss the fact theat the government are holding the public now!

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Worries Over Rising Islamic Extremism in Pakistan

04-06-2003 07:03

A majority religious alliance in north western Pakistan supports remnants of the Taliban and unanimously voted to establish Islamic law.

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04-06-2003 06:33


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UNMOVIC – Ba’ath Operating Agency – Commanding 9-11 -- Concealing WMD

04-06-2003 06:18

On the morning of September 11, 2001, a mission control team inside the United Nation’s headquarters in New York, used standard USAF instrument approach procedures to steer four hijacked jets precisely into the heart of America.

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Abbas and Dahlan admit, Arafat orders all terrorist attacks against Israel.

04-06-2003 05:34

Abbas and Dahlan admit, Arafat orders all terrorist attacks against Israeli civilians.

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G8 May 28, 29 - full feature

04-06-2003 02:09

G8 summit in Evian (FR). Full feature of events/protests in Geneva, Lausanne and Annemasse on Wed 28 May and Thu 29 May.

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04-06-2003 01:30

During the Six Day War in June 1967, Israel attacked and nearly sank the USS Liberty, a spy ship belonging to its closest ally, the USA. Thirty-four American servicemen were killed in the two-hour assault by Israeli warplanes and torpedo boats. Israel has always claimed that the whole affair was a tragic accident based on mistaken identification of the ship. The American government publicly accepted the explanation.

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noborder impressions

04-06-2003 01:15

Borders are opened and closed according to government requirements / borders are targets for creative protests / we don't need no borders. Some border facts from the crazy days of Evian. Please post stories about bordercrossings.

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TA being sent to Iraq

04-06-2003 00:44

more fodder

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With love from a Black Block activist...

03-06-2003 22:44

In support of the solidarity messages from the blockaders in Lausanne because solidarity is our strength, and my thoughts about chosing to run with the Black Blockade on Sunday.

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G8 Analysis of tactics

03-06-2003 22:41

I dont normally re-post stuff but I found this on the international wire and thought it deserved a wider audience