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Infousurpa n10

01-02-2006 19:17

weekly social centres activities poster

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Repression In DC: Sheehan Arrested For T-Shirt

01-02-2006 19:15

She can't even say, "My son was died for LIARS in Iraq, and all I got was this lousy T-Shirt"!

Of course, the tightly-controlled media said none of this as they agonizingly tried to "stretch", to fill time while awaiting George the Lesser to begin spouting rhetoric - time they didn't bother to waste in covering the protests, which were kept a safe distance from the Capitol.

Her crime seems to be re-invigorating the anti-war movement.

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Empty Rhetoric from a Vacuous Presidency

01-02-2006 19:13

Bush's Propaganda to the Union address, which demonstrated his uetter contempt for the average American, went exactly as predicted.

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Dog food destined for starving children

01-02-2006 17:05

A Canterbury woman's plan to send powdered dog food to starving Kenyan children has not been given the thumbs up by Oxfam New Zealand.

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Nottingham's January Critical Mass and Bike About :: The Pictures

01-02-2006 16:46

Nottingham's January Critical Mass and Bike About :: The Pictures

Setting out from the usual meeting place [Outside the Savoy Cinema on Derby Road, meet at 5.30pm] 'twas a dark, wet and oh so very cold. But a fair few turned up to take part .....

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01-02-2006 16:30

Merseyside TUC is supporting the vigil to mourn the death of the 100th
British soldier to be killed in Iraq. This will take place on WEDNESDAY 1st
FEBRUARY 2006 AT 6.p.m. on the steps of ST. GOERGES HALL LIVERPOOL This event is being organised by the Merseyside Stop the War Coalition.

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Threatening with the Checkbook

01-02-2006 16:02

In 1984 the US cancelled its membrship in the UN organization for education, science and culture (UNESCO). Down-is-up America, the land of reversible cups, harvests fear and mockery as long as arrogance marginalizes criticism in the multipolar world.

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Indymedia Radio London - Weekly News Roundup + Audio

01-02-2006 15:57

Here's some of the stories from Indymedia London Radio's weekly broadcast on Resonance FM - taken from UK and Global Indymedia, and this week a few stories culled from the excellant Schnews.

Only half these stories were used on the radio show, as there was also an interview about the ongoing 2001 Diaz school raid court case in Italy, and a 20 min piece about the High Court challenge of the use of Section 44 of the terrorism act against protestors.

Also featured was the protest after the sad death of Bereket Yohannes who hung himself at Harmondsworth Detention Centre (

Listen to the show every week at 1pm every Wednesday in London on 104.4FM or on the web at:

...or check out other imc audio at

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Home Office calls for “Voluntary Deportation” of Progressive Café Founder

01-02-2006 14:34

Sam Alim pictured with supporter Claire Short at Cafe One
Having lived in Birmingham since age 10, successful community café founder, publisher and activist Sam Alim is being asked to voluntarily return to his home country of Bangladesh by the Home Office.

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URGENT:Possible Jury Tampering/Undisclosed Collusion in Leeds Far Right Trial

01-02-2006 13:58

The latest happenings in the Griffin and Collett trial

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neo-nazi British People Party in Liverpool

01-02-2006 13:20

neo nazi group British People Party leafletting in Liverpool

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call to stop all airport expansions across the uk!

01-02-2006 11:53

Airport expansion is nearly on us, and we have to get networks running in order to defeat these multi billion pounds projects! cutting through our country side, building new roads to supply them, and of course, CLIMATE CHANGE!
hit them where it hurts! the pocket!!!!

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Nottingham No to the M1 widening campaign launch

01-02-2006 11:22

no roads
We will be launching our opposition to the M1 widening campaign on Monday 6th Feb, meeting outside the tourist information office in Nottingham city centre at 12-30. Please come along and get involved with the campaign.
We will do a public information stall at this time, then at 2-30 we will hand in a letter of objection to Arup who are working on the first stage of the widening project.

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Top Journalists Speak Out: Internet and media Censorship after 9/11

01-02-2006 11:09

The totalitarian media manipulation the US and other governments with their media earlier accused the former Soviet Union of, is done now again, also on Internet etc. by the US neocon's own Lie Factory.

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lies and war

01-02-2006 08:07

speech on 31/1/6

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Rossport Solidarity meeting in Glasgow

01-02-2006 01:58

Four members of the Rossport Solidarity camp will be speaking in Glasgow on Friday 3rd February at the Saorsa Social Centre.

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Vigil for Iraq War Dead

31-01-2006 23:32

100 UK Soldiers (All named)
100, 000 Iraqi Innocent (Mostly unnamed)

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List of Security Companies Doing Business in Iraq - Names, Addresses, Phone, etc

31-01-2006 22:48

List of Security Companies Doing Business in Iraq - Names, Addresses, Phone, etc

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Vigil at Carfax for Iraqi casualties

31-01-2006 22:24

Today's attack on British troops in Umm Qasr and yesterday's attack in Amarah means that we have reached the 100 mark for British casualties in Iraq.

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Bath anti-fur day of action

31-01-2006 20:56

Activists shame John Anthony
Six out of seven shops target by animal rights activists in Bath stop selling real fur!