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Murder and resistance in Palestine

22-09-2013 15:57

21/09/2013 - IDF soldiers carry the body of the Israeli soldier recently killed.
A look at an article published by Amos Harel of the Israeli news paper, Haaretz. And the significance of describing the killing of an Israeli soldier as a crime bordering on terror.

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Arrests at Greek Embassy solidarity protest yesterday

22-09-2013 14:12

Police disrupted and moved a peaceful protest outside the London Greek embassy yesterday afternoon, leading to two arrests. The protest was over the murder of Pavlos Fyssas by a neo-Nazi Golden Dawn activist in Keratsini last week.

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'It'll be anarchy': Gordon Brown discussed using troops as bank crisis deepened

22-09-2013 13:48

"If you can't buy food, people will just start helping themselves. It'll be anarchy. I'm serious!" - Gordon Brown Oct. 2008

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#126: the Common House, Bent Bars, anarchism in Brazil & DJ BPM

22-09-2013 09:56

another fantastic radio show from london's DIY radical radio crew, recorded and aired on 20 September 2013:

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The Black Fish - action for marine animals

22-09-2013 08:55

Former Nottingham resident Wietse Van Der Werf, co-founder of 'The Black Fish', visited Nottingham tell us more about the threats facing the world's oceans and inspire us to join the growing movement of people taking action for its conservation.

Former Nottingham resident Wietse Vad Der Werf, co-founder of 'The Black Fish', an international marine conservation organisation which campaigns to end the industrial overfishing of our oceans, visited Nottingham as part of a national speaking tour to tell us more about their work, to learn about the threats facing the world's oceans and to be inspired to join the growing movement of people taking action for its conservation.

The presentation began with a screening of 'Losing Nemo', a six-minute, 3D-animated film about the state of the oceans. You can watch the film at

After finding that that illegally caught fish can be realised from illegal fishing quite close to the shore, Wietse realised that global organisations were not the only ones that could take action - there was a missing role for grass roots individuals.

This lead to the formation of The Black Fish, to empower ordinary citizens to take action, from documenting the activities of fishing ships at ports, to photographing illegally caught species or tracking ships with solar powered spy drones.

Their 'Marine Activist Training' enables regular people to take direct action on the seas, with fund raising planned to enable more people to take part.

Half of all fish caught worldwide feeds farmed animals - the most prolific marine predator is the pig, followed by chicken. Cats and dogs eat more fish than all the sharks and seals worldwide. Bluefin tuna have become so valuable - an individual can be sold for 3/4 million Euros - that major global corporations catch all they can - half of it illegally - not to sell to feed anyone, but to deep freeze and store as a future investment.

If land animals were threatened as species, or caused suc suffering as individuals there would be a huge outcry. The oceans as seen to be distant and bottomless, but many species are on the brink of extinction. The root cause of this devastation is over consumption. Even the promotion of 'sustainable' fish leads to increased sales of all fish and increased pressure on threatened species by generating a false sense that all is well.

The talk was held at The Corner, 8 Stoney Street, Nottingham, NG1 1LH



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Extreme Rain & Climate Collapse

22-09-2013 05:58

Remember the UK floods, plus Germany and Eastern Europe? Now extreme rainfall events have hit Asia and the U.S. In Colorado, one year's worth of rain fell in 24 hours. Carolyn Baker reports from Boulder. Could these repeated hits take down the economy world-wide? Radio Ecoshock 130925

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Rules of Engagement: Anti-Fascism After Tower Hamlets

22-09-2013 02:37

Antifascist black & red flags by the police van. Some of AFN bloc got real close
The Tower Hamlets demonstration against the EDL on September 7th was a big day for those of us who have been hoping for a renewed opposition to be able to tackle the rise of the far-right and the new forms of racism spreading in this country. There were a lot of expectations riding on what happened on the 7th and a lot turns on how it comes to be perceived and what lessons are drawn from it.

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In memoriam Pavlos Fyssas

21-09-2013 21:56

Vigil for Pavlos Fyssas, Manchester
This evening we gathered in Manchester to mark the death of Pavlos Fyssas, the 34 year old who was assassinated by cowards, "neo-Nazis" in Greece. We hope that his death will mark a decisive change in the direction of the battered country and the continent and that the militias who roam the streets of Greece will be seen for what they really are: thugs.

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Thoughts on the Anarchist Witch Hunt Following Attacks in Bristol

21-09-2013 16:54

A statement from Bristol Anarchist Black Cross on the recent revelation by The Post and Avon & Somerset Police that they plan on "cracking down" on anarchist, rioters and extremists

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Black Fishies TONIGHT in Nottingham

21-09-2013 08:24

As part of the dynamic ''the Black Fish'' tour of UK they will be in Nottingham TONIGHT!!!!

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Small victory for Moses

20-09-2013 20:55

From Unity: “Moses was NOT deported last night. He is now back in Colnbrook detention centre next to Heathrow airport.

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Katsiaficas/Geronimo at Cowley Club - Oct16

20-09-2013 18:06

Book cover
Speaking tour with George Katsiaficas and Geronimo

To celebrate the recent release of Asia's Unknown Uprisings Volume 2 (PM Press) George Katsiaficas and Geronimo will be speaking at several events in the UK (including the Anarchist Bookfair in London). They will discuss the Asian Wave from 1986-1992 which overthrew 8 dictatorships in 6 years, the 1980s German autonomous scene and discuss what links can be made to current uprisings, rebellions and revolutions.

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This Week in Palestine Week 38 2013

20-09-2013 17:05

Welcome to this Week in Palestine, a service of the International Middle East Media Center,, for September 14th to the 20th, 2013.

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Stop the EDL in Sheffield tomorrow!

20-09-2013 14:14

The English Defence League are planning on marching through Sheffield on 21st September. We want to make sure that the EDL don't get to intimidate people and parade their hatred through the streets unopposed. Anti-fascists will be meeting by the First Start Building at the north end of Firth Park at 1pm.

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Egypt: The Junta helps strangle Gaza.

20-09-2013 13:17

The opposition in Egypt are not the only ones to suffer from the recent military take-over in Egypt. The citizens of Gaza are now a targetted victim of the Egyptial military elite.

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DSEI protests, why was there so little support ?

20-09-2013 10:55

Having returned home to Nottingham from time in London protesting the DSEI Arms Fair I wanted to give my report and observations.

DSEI 2013 was the fourth DSEI arms fair I have protested outside, the sickening site of well fed and smug arms dealers engaging in deals that will lead to maimings and the death of thousands never fails to move me to the point of vomit.


How could anybody not be moved to action by this I have always thought and yet every DSEI the level of protest and the numbers of those standing outside has declined. DESI 2013 had at most 150 people when the first DSEI I attended had close to 2000 with various complimentry actions at other sites. We protested the arms dealers dinner and there was about 15 of us despite the venue being well known and shared weeks in advance !

I spoke with one of the coppers in duty and he said the police numbers were also the lowest ever because, "there are hardly any protestors these days" He was a bit upset because there were no longer the overtime opportunities there once were at DSEI.

I'm not claiming to have any answers to the problem and I will always attend DESI as long as it exists even if I am the only person standing there, these bastards must not think their work is acceptable in our society but I wonder of we are having any effect on the event at all. The level of disruption we caused was minimal, the blockades we tried to set up inconvinienced nobody and the arms dealers clearly did not give a toss about us or what we had to say. Local people I spoke with were now resigned to the event every two years and several welcomed it because there was some casual work that it seemed was quite well paid. The number of exhibitors and attendees was the highest ever for a DSEI so clearly we are not influencing the event itself and we are not doing much to change minds in the local area.


Where are we going wrong, I simply have no idea but if I read one more post or website congratulating us on a job well done I will scream with frustration.


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CBRUK starts mobilisation against latest racist smear and lies by Tories

19-09-2013 19:29

As Richard Desmond allows new racist lies to be published on his DAILY EXPRESS web site against the Community in Tower Hamlets, a new mobilisation has begun to confront the vile racism

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Palestine Today 19 09 2013

19-09-2013 17:47

Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media CenteR,, for Thursday, September 19, 2013

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London Banner Drop in Rememberance of Killah P

19-09-2013 15:55

Solidarity with a fallen Greek comrade. Banner drops today, street demonstrations and battles against fascists in weeks to come!

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No Pasaran Uncut - new anti-fascist animation

19-09-2013 08:03

Watch the new anti-fascist animation about the anti-fascist movement from Magdeburg, Germany!