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Galway Against War on Paddy's Day

17-03-2003 17:45

Today in Galway, Ireland, the Galway Alliance against War took part in the St. Patrick's Day parade and received much applause from the crowd and a supportive speech from the Judge's stand.

Video below (2mins 14 secs, 2.5 Mb)

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Bristol BUSH STOPs

17-03-2003 17:17

Bristol BUSH STOPs appeared overnight.

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Thirty B52 Support Vehicles Disabled at RAF Fairford

17-03-2003 16:28


Press Release: 14th March 2003

Last night at RAF Fairford in Gloucestershire two Trident Ploughshares activists disabled no less than thirty vehicles which provide essential support to the US B52 bombers stationed there.

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Worldwide Boycott of the U.S. Needed NOW!

17-03-2003 16:25

Bush tells all the people of the world "F**k off, I'm gonna have my war!"

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Edinburgh anti-war protesters stormed the castle and blocked the main street

17-03-2003 16:20

Edinburgh anti-war protesters stormed the Castle today and blocked the entrance, later leaving to block the main street with a sit-in protest.
School students went on strike and joined in the protest against the War against Iraq.

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Global Economic Boycott of all U.S. Brands, Imports and Exports.

17-03-2003 16:19

If George Bush launches this illegal war against the people of Iraq the Global Peace Movement must impose a global economic boycott of all U.S. brand name products

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17-03-2003 16:06

You have just heard the sad news. It's official : Iraq has been attacked.

What do do ?

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Radio Stations in USA stopped playing anti-bush artist

17-03-2003 15:41

Some radio stations in Texas and other parts of the USA stopped playing Dixie Chicks music.

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documentary tonight on "israels" secret weapons of mass destruction

17-03-2003 15:40

documentary tonight, 23.20 bbc 2.

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Widespread Calls for Civil Disobedience As Blair Commits To War

17-03-2003 14:54

As Blair commits to a war against Iraq regardless of a 2nd UN resolution, there has been an unprecedented level of calls for direct action and civil disobedience against war - beyond the regular actions and widespread protests that have been occuring daily across the country.

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People Against The War Target International petroleum Exchange (IPE)

17-03-2003 14:52

Twenty people today disrupted the trading floor of the International Petroleum Exchange in the city of London while others outside held a banner reading "Oil Fuels War".

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Sheffield Armed Forces Careers Office Protest 17 March 2003

17-03-2003 14:46

Sheffield Armed Forces Careers Office Protest 17 March 2003
Protestors staged a die-in outside the Armed Forces Careers Office in Sheffield (UK) today. (article 1)

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Stock Exchange occupied?!!?

17-03-2003 14:43

I've heard roumors that the stock exchange has been occupied by anti-war protesters and have stopped trading..

Anyone else heard about this?

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Your with us or against us

17-03-2003 14:31

The public descision and State response

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Bush urges weapons inspectors to leave

17-03-2003 14:27

Bush is urging all weapons inspectors to leave Iraq, we can safely assume war is only hours away.

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Pics from Die In

17-03-2003 14:11

Pics from Die In
some nice pics from the MOD Die In
See more at (article 1)

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Confirmation Of Fairford & Menwith Hill National Demos On The 22nd

17-03-2003 14:08


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A less than subltle emergent police state

17-03-2003 14:02

Plans to put extra police and combat air patrols in new york, to er, protect from the Iraqi air force?

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Their "freedom" fries, burns, smashes

17-03-2003 13:43

Their "freedom" fries, burns, smashes
Freedom is a road seldom travelled by the multitude.

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17-03-2003 13:04

Three protestors from the anti-militarist camp at RAF Welford were arrested this morning while taking the minibus back to the hire company in London. They were arrested for conspiracy to cause criminal damage despite there being no evidence of conspiracy whatsoever. They are currently being held at Newbury police station. More people are desperately needed at the camp.