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Statement from former Easton Community Association staff, Bristol

30-03-2005 08:09

Statement from former staff members of the troubled Easton Community Association in Bristol. Please note that it was impossible to consult with all former staff members so this statement should not be considered to be a reflection of the opinions of all former staff.

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World Boycotts Canadian Olympics

29-03-2005 23:41

Worldwide community builds boycott of Canadian Olympics,
beef, fish, lumber, tourism etc. until sealclubbing ends

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Come to Nottingham this Saturday!!!!

29-03-2005 23:19

Show your solidarity!
Come to the demonstration in Nottingham this Saturday and show solidarity for asylum and migrant rights. People will assamble at 12 o'clock on the market square.

See also an earlier Indymedia posting;

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Aviation and climate change--Questionnaire

29-03-2005 21:29

Aviation and climate change--Public consultation March-April 2005--Questionnaire for individual citizens

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hip hop summit postponed

29-03-2005 20:59

this sounded really cool earlier.. maybe it will be really cool later.. : )


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What does Bush think of the World?

29-03-2005 20:52

Flash animation revealing the truth of what GW Bush thinks of the world.

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censure in Belmarsh prison

29-03-2005 20:09

Belmarsh censures Fight Racism Fight Imperialism magazine

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Giuliana Sgrena Shooting: 'Payment' for Ransom?

29-03-2005 19:20

In media pieces and conversations with Italian sources, there's a new twist to the Iraq episode wounding journalist and former-hostage Sgrena, killing Italian intelligence agent Nicola Calipari. European thought exists that the incident was 'payment' for ransoming hostages.

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BNP Bricked!

29-03-2005 16:35

An anti-fascist mobilisation was organised to counter a large BNP meeting in Yorkshire last Sunday (27/03/05). BNP security and members cars were attacked with rocks by 30 anti-fascists.

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Oil Reserves, why are we being lied to ?

29-03-2005 15:58

The world has plenty of oil.

According to the United States Geological Survey, the U.S. Department of Energy and many, many other reputable sources, we have sufficient oil resources for at least the next several hundred years, maybe longer. The costs of extraction will likely be higher, but scarcity? No.

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29-03-2005 15:53

Thursday 31st March 4 'til 6
Home Farm Road Brighton (just after viaduct on lewes rd)
Brighton Arms dealers EDO/MBM are trying to stifle our right to protest with an injunction under the 1997 Harassment Act.

We're going to show them what we think of their attempt to rstrict our right to free speech.

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DISARM DSEi Picket & Electronic Blockade

29-03-2005 15:45

Picket and Electronic Blockade of Spearhead Exhibitions Ltd.
Monday 4th April, Picket: 1pm at Reed Exhibitions and Spearhead Exhibitions Ltd, Oriel House, 26 The Quadrant, Richmond, Surrey, TW9 1DL. Electronic Blockade: all day!

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Intl Day against Homophobia.

29-03-2005 15:40

An International Day against Homophobia has been declared
for May 17th 2005.

Please sign the petition...

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Spot The Difference...

29-03-2005 15:32

Which do you prefer ?....

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Free party in Manchester

29-03-2005 15:03

Strangeways - anodyne - and daylite robbery.
Safe party - no hassles - see the photos:

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British Trotskyism and Iraqs Ba'ath Party

29-03-2005 13:26

An unspoken part of British history is that of the British Trotskyist Movement and its relationship with Iraq’s Ba’ath Party during the 1980’s.

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Underwood texts

29-03-2005 13:19

a new place to find his texts, bilingual

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Sharrow Lantern Carnival: help needed!

29-03-2005 12:18

The really amazing Sharrow Lantern Carnival needs your help urgently:
While the core team have been feverishly working away, people are desperately needed ‘now’ to help with the giant showpiece lanterns which must be ready by Sunday:

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New Vegan Campaigning Group in London

29-03-2005 11:40

If you are interested in helping to set up a group to promote veganism and to run vegan campaigns in the London area, you are welcome to attend a meeting to discuss these ideas on Monday April 18th, 7pm at Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, WC1.

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Rock the Wall benefit gig

29-03-2005 11:37

Rock the wall benefit gig - Justice for Palestine