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Public Blockade in Edinburgh

03-07-2005 22:29

-Party on / around Festival Square – Blockade them in Edinburgh - No G8 -

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Why we are protesting the G8: Make Poverty History march

03-07-2005 22:27

On the Make Poverty History march I asked: "What do you hope to achieve? And why is marching the way to achieve it?" Here is what I heard.

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Belmarsh prison forced to back down on censorship

03-07-2005 22:17

Belmarsh prison forced to back down on censorship of radical newspaper –
Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism!

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Anti-G8 graffiti in Edinburg

03-07-2005 22:11

Make capitalism history
Anti-G8 feeling is in the air, on the streets and on the walls of edinburgh.

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IMC G8 Newsblast - Sat 2nd July - Collected Reports

03-07-2005 22:06


(please post any additional reports from other imc's and alternative media coverage below)

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Live8 and Africa

03-07-2005 21:47

On how Live8 understands African reality

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Police surveillance of the two trains arriving in Edinburgh from London on the 1

03-07-2005 21:35

Watching passengers from the second train who won't take the buses
Police surveillance of the two trains arriving in Edinburgh from London on the 1st

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More anti-authoritarian pictures (and others...)

03-07-2005 21:32

Anti-capitalist block
Pictures from the july 2 G8 / MPH march. And some assorted banners...

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Irish Citizens Imprisoned on Behalf of Shell Oil

03-07-2005 21:02

The Irish Government has given Shell carte blanche with Ireland's energy resources. Shell plans to build the world's first-ever onshore gas processing plant in Mayo, and can now have the courts imprison anyone who tries to get in their way.

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Blair & Brown Bodysnatchers?

03-07-2005 21:01

George Galloway was in full invective flow at the G8 Alternatives Summit in Edinburgh this morning.

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Edinburgh street closure + boarding pics before the make poverty history march

03-07-2005 20:58

With all the fuss and apocalyptic media hype before the Make Poverty History (MPH) march, I talked to many residents who were expecting widespread riots. The preparations for the MPH march made it look like one was expected...

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Carnival for full enjoyment and Spinal Tap - A conspiracy ?

03-07-2005 19:33

Carnival for full enjoyment and Spinal Tap - A conspiracy ?

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03-07-2005 18:57

BEWARE of undercover BBC reporter making a secret agent film

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Glasgow Tour: Make Borders History

03-07-2005 18:44

Glasgow. Sunday, 3 July. Invited by make borders history, a few hundred people met at cannon underground for a tour to explore the border regime as it manifests itself in the Scottish city.

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Images and sounds from Edinburgh

03-07-2005 18:35

Edinburgh July 2nd
Images from anti-g8 activities

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Police harrasment on Edinburgh Make Poverty History March

03-07-2005 18:33

Police harrass, cordon and search group of protestors on Edinburgh Make Poverty History March

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EDO Admit Legal Liability For War Crimes

03-07-2005 16:53

Interstering quote AND MORE interesting titbits (with added editorial comments marked *with stars*) gleaned from EDOs 2004 annual report that may be of interest to campaigners..

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Make Poverty History-what Taiwan has been doing for 40 years

03-07-2005 16:38

An article about Taiwan, an isolated county
in the global community, and its support
and participation to Make Poverty History.

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Political Comedy DVD launched! (Mark Thomas)

03-07-2005 16:37

Mark Thomas DVD
Political Comedy DVD launched- Mark Thomas

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An impression from Stirling

03-07-2005 16:31

A short impression from the Stirling Camp site Hori-Zone via telephone.