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Spinning Dead Whales

03-04-2006 15:09

A US study into a mass stranding of whales in North Carlina last year during naval exercises has just been published. The top two links to the story on Google give the impression Naval sonar was found not to be to blame. However, the navy was using active sonar at the time, and the report does state that naval sonar could have been to blame since no other possible explanation was found. Naval sonar was found to be to blame for many other mass-strandings, including most recently on the Costa del Sol in January. In February there has been another mass-stranding in Indonesia - again duing joint naval exercises with the US navy using active sonar.
As one scientist said "A deaf whale is a dead whale." I think it is time environmentalists team up with anti-war protestors to overcome this ongoing spin. We should hit the UK naval active sonar programme, specifically the Qinetiq base at Kyle of Lochalsh, which also refits ships bound for the gulf. Anyone interested in a little constructive destruction ?

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Naming The Dead - Pictures

03-04-2006 14:59

Naming the Dead, Mass Civil Disobedience Against the Occupation of Iraq took place in Parliament Square and Whitehall, London on 2 April, 2006. Photographs of the event.

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RED WHEELS - Theatre Film And Music - this weekend!!

03-04-2006 13:51

RED WHEELS - Theatre Film And Music - this weekend!!

In the Former British Empire - this weekend:

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Rice, Straw and Liverpool’s Rich Cultural Heritage

03-04-2006 13:18

As Jack Straw and Condoleeza Rice were given the chance to say pretty much anything they felt like saying in an interview with Jonathan Dimbleby at the Merseyside Maritime Museum, the police outside were doing everything they could to make sure that the voices of the people of Liverpool went unheard.

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Condoleezza Rice Pictures

03-04-2006 12:56

More photos from the demo against the US Secretary of State's visit to Liverpool on Friday 31/3/2006.

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03-04-2006 12:45


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BBC Protest

03-04-2006 12:33

The Stop the War Coalition is calling for protests outside BBC studios and offices across the country, on Tuesday 4th April. In Southampton the event will be taking place at 1pm outside the BBC studios on Havelock Road. This is opposite the Civic Centre.

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Community mount protest outside Plumstead Police Station

03-04-2006 12:22

An innocent young man is dead – Woolwich Somali community is met with silence from the police and the Independent Police Complaints Authority

Protest took place outside Plumstead Police Station, London SE 18 on Saturday 1st April at 1.30pm

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03-04-2006 12:16

Government makes immigration checks at local schools...
IMMIGRATION INJUSTICES OF BARBED-WIRE BRITAIN - A look at the causes and effects of UK and EU asylum policy.

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BPP Standing For Election In Leeds Bramley Ward

03-04-2006 11:08

Morrison - Conducting his own campaign in Bramley
As the BPP launches it's electoral campaign in the Leeds Bramley ward, there can be no room for complacency.

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03-04-2006 11:07

Protestors from direct action group, Plane Stupid, this morning blockaded BAA HQ on Heathrow's 60th Birthday. 6 arrests were made. BAA now in "premier league of climate change criminals."

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Selfridge Hotel under siege

03-04-2006 10:47

Last Thursday arms dealers holding an Advanced Weapons Integration Conference at the Selfridges Hotel had a visit from people concerned about their lethal activities.

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Menwith Hill - Peace demonstrators arrested under SOCPA

03-04-2006 10:44

Two Keighley women arrested under section 128 of SOCPA at Menwith Hill, near Harrogate.

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cruel turkish state

03-04-2006 03:28

türkish soldier,polis is killing civil kürdish people in kürdistan

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The Impossibility of Flying Heavy Aircraft Without Training

03-04-2006 02:39

Nila Sagadevan is an aeronautical engineer and a qualified pilot.

There are some who maintain that the mythical 9/11 hijackers, although proven to be too incompetent to fly a little Cessna 172, had acquired the impressive skills that enabled them to fly airliners by training in flight simulators.

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Torture Victim Tells How He Was Brutalized In Iraqi Ministry

02-04-2006 21:51

A first person account by a young Iraqi man of how he was tortured in the Ministry Of The Interior after being jailed for crimes he didn't commit.

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Boomchucka circus and Arna's children in the West bank

02-04-2006 20:57

Boomchucka circus *aka circus2iraq* have just finished their tour of the west bank and occupied territories.

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Arrest at Civil Disobedience Action in London today 02/04/06

02-04-2006 19:10

According to the London Metropolitan police one man was arrested at the Voices Civil Disobedience against the violence in Iraq today.

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Gearing Up For Another War – Clamping Down On Protest

02-04-2006 16:49

With reports of bomber activity at RAF Fairford over the last week, alongside a new law which came into force on 1st April (not an April Fools) carrying a maximum penalty of one year for trespassing on 13 designated military bases - including Fairford - the indications are that the powers that be are gearing up for new wave of military action - probably against Iran - while simultaneously ensuring that any direct dissent can be dealt with in a far more draconian and effective manner than during the protests against military bases in the lead up to the aerial bombing of Iraq from British soil in March 2003.

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Building Bridges in Iraq

02-04-2006 16:02

This is all cut and paste except for the transcribed excerpts – if anyone could type out the whole thing, with an US spellchecker, please do so ( my keyboard is sticky, even this has taken hours) and I'll repost it all on military sites. This is the sort of testimony that could really end this war and nip the next one in the bud.