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Torture Victim Tells How He Was Brutalized In Iraqi Ministry

Marcia Hassis | 02.04.2006 21:51 | Anti-militarism | World

A first person account by a young Iraqi man of how he was tortured in the Ministry Of The Interior after being jailed for crimes he didn't commit.

So many Iraqis are being killed, tortured and destroyed by the brutal, criminal war. We need to understand the suffering the people in that devastated country are enduring and we need to hear it in their own words. This account is part of a larger piece on the Mantic Eye Blog.

"The first day went by and our arms were still tied but now blood was dripping from the handcuffs. At noon, a guard came and untied a group of prisoners, and an hour later the guard returned. He opened a little window in the cell door and said: “I brought you lunch.” He ordered the ones who were untied to feed the ones who were still tied up. Then he poured a small can of ful (fava beans) on the floor. One small can of fava beans. In your opinion, do you think that would be enough to feed 25 people? He poured it on the floor. The floor was disgusting because it was not tiled. It was a dirt floor. So anyway, each of us ended up getting about four beans. I discovered that this was the food they gave you every two days. Our bathroom was simply an oil can in the corner of the cell or the corner of the cell itself.

On the third day, they prevented my brother, my cousin and me from using the bathroom at all and it was the worst day. In the morning the guard came and took us and after one hour of interrogation they began to torture us to get us to confess to the crimes of killing and bombing. We were innocent. We had not done these things. They became very vicious because we refused to confess. So they began to torture us more: the real torture..."

The rest of the story is at

Marcia Hassis