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Arrest at Civil Disobedience Action in London today 02/04/06

Frances Laing | 02.04.2006 19:10 | Anti-militarism | Repression | London

According to the London Metropolitan police one man was arrested at the Voices Civil Disobedience against the violence in Iraq today.

The man's identity was not revealed. He is not currently being held (but police say he will be charged under the Serious Crime and Disorder act).

According to the police. 200 people took part in the event - but left the area around 4.p.m.

Frances Laing


more information?

02.04.2006 20:10

Any idea when this arrest happened? I was at the demonstration and the procession afterwards and they cautioned one person at the demo but that was it at the time.

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Arrest at Civil Disobedience Action in London today 02/04/06

02.04.2006 21:35

So who was this?

As someone who was present at this demonstration I would say there were at least 250 people present. "The man's identity was not revealed. He is not currently being held (but police say he will be charged under the Serious Crime and Disorder act). (???)" Why the secrecy? Nothing was mentioned at the demonstration about this. Was it the person who was demonstrating about the entire Neo Labour conspiracy with the war - or was it
Brian Haw? I congratulate Brian Haw for drawing attention to the masses on the demonstration by Catholics remembering the death of the previous Pope. I hope the Christian Catholics demonstrating about the Pope were also demonstrating about the the war.

After the main demonstration by the organisers, there was a procession (along Whitehall) led by the Catholic Workers. It will be interesting to see any reports from this demonstration.

Brian B


02.04.2006 22:48

one man was threatened with arrest - he had been wandering around the perimeter of the demonstration with a banner "solidarity in the uk - new label launched". because he was shouting a lot, he was given a ten minute warning of imminent arrest undr section 132, but he left immediately.

i was at this demo all afternoon, and also talked to many people and i think the only likely explanation for this report is as follows:

the man dressed as charlie chaplin was given a form of street arrest that has come into vogue amongst police repressors recently. his details were taken, he was officially cautioned, and he was told that he was being "reported" to the crown prosecution service. they have the option to send him a summons at a later date. thus, he was effectively arrested without having to be processed at the police station. this is probably what has been registered as an arrest.

under new police powers, they would also have the option to set various conditions on his behaviour, curfews, restrictions of movement and so on, all without judicial review.

we are hurtling towards a police state before the imminent suggested aggression against iran.


who was arrested?

02.04.2006 23:31

I believe it was Charlie Chaplin, for saying...nothing.
Though, I may be wrong.



03.04.2006 06:32

I was at the demo and the march afterwards. The only person that I am aware of being reported for an offence was 'Charlie Chaplin'. I did not see what it was that prompted the Police to single this individual out and yet not take action against the 300 other people at the demo.

It was rather comical to see the Police actually walking AWAY from Brian as he tried to report a crime to them! A senior officer came up and told Brian the officer was "busy", which is strange comment given that all the officer was busy doing was standing on the corner of the square watching us.



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