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Freedom Incorporated

03-07-2014 16:17

Church Publishing's "Freedom Incorporated" by Cosmo Starlight
Promoting the release of a novel about food, water, shelter, and love by author Cosmo Starlight titled, "Freedom Afrika." This novel will be released on July 11, 2014 but is available for pre-order today. The book is this authors sequel to his debut titled "Freedom Incorporated" about bombs, bullets, powders, and policemen. For more information read this analysis and visit Enjoy!

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Thousands protest outside the BBC HQ in Portland Place over Palestine

03-07-2014 13:57

Here are photos of the mass protest outside the BBC HQ in Portland Place central London about the refusal of the BBC to report what is happening in Palestine:

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Mass evictions of over 600 people across Calais!

02-07-2014 21:49

At 6am this morning riot and border cops accompanied by gendarmes evicted three squats housing over 70 people, as well as SALAM, a food distribution point, where over 500 people had been sleeping outside since their camps were destroyed a month ago:

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Put your hands up and slowly step away from the wheelchair.

02-07-2014 20:53

"Making a hand gesture of someone with a severe disability, the police officer mocked the activist. It reminded me of a sketch from the worst of a Bernard Manning show. The other officers greeted the impression with chilling laughter, nothing more than a reflection of the thoughts, gestures and actions of this government to the most vulnerable in our society." – ACAB

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Interrupting of Pan-Greek hunger strike: Statement of detainees

02-07-2014 00:14

Today, Tuesday 1 July we interrupt the collective pan-greek hunger strike we started against the law making process for the high security prisons.

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'Remembering the Real WW1' Demo at Imperial War Museum, Saturday 19 July, London

30-06-2014 13:37


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anarchists claim string of fires in east bristol

30-06-2014 11:40

Just before sunrise this morning we launched a targeted arson spree along Glebe Road -- which meets the main east Bristol thoroughfare of Church Road -- and burned out corporate, luxury, private security and hunt-scum vehicles. Wildfire in the arteries of the city-prison! To break the lie of social peace and intensify the hostilities!

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Rediscover hope, anarchists are urged

30-06-2014 11:30

Anarchists are being urged to rediscover hope and, with it, the power to create the future.

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The Lone Gunman vs. Common Sense

29-06-2014 05:09

A few thoughts on the JFK assassination

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Finnieston Crane, Glasgow, Occupied by Anti-Militarists on Armed Forces Day

28-06-2014 07:44

Four anti-war activists are occupying the Finnieston Crane at this moment to protest against the glorification of war on Armed Forces Day. They unfurled a banner that reads ‘Resist Militarism # White Feather,’ to show dissent to the increasingly US-style culture of militarism growing in the UK and to celebrate those who refuse to participate in war.

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General Patton & the mental Health crisis

27-06-2014 17:22

There is no Community Mental Health service

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Newsflash: Labour Doesn’t Care About You

27-06-2014 17:03

The Class War continues
It turns out the Left can move people – just not very far or in very interesting directions.

Seeing as how these things are usually rained out or freezing, The People’s Assembly at least managed to pick a nice enough day for their “No More Austerity: Demand the Alternative” march on Saturday (June 21st).

It’s a shame they couldn’t also have picked a more inspiring message – begging the government to stop the public service cuts they’re ideologically committed to and demanding a new Labour government as the only ‘alternative’ they can imagine. Hardly an Earth shatteringly radical call to arms for the poor and oppressed. But they do have Russell Brand, so that’s something.

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Trying to bring Rebekah Brooks to book in 2003

27-06-2014 11:42

In 2003 Rebekah Wade (now Brooks) admitted before the CMS select committee that she had paid police officers for information. I referred the matter both to the Met Police and the PCC but both refused to investigate despite having cast iron evidence of the offence

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New Zine: MFAH, Blackmail 3 & The SHAC Model

26-06-2014 18:29

New zine released by Dark Matter Publications and hosted by 325: 'Militant Forces Against HLS (MFAH), Blackmail 3 & The SHAC Model'. An animal liberationist zine about the fight against Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS).

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Birth of an Independent Hope – the Revolution in West Asia

26-06-2014 15:56

It is the best news since Rosa Luxemburg rejoiced over the collapse of the Kaiser´s „peace“ plan in WWI, only that this time it is not American capitalists running amok over collateral disruption of their lethal business, but indigenous people liberating themselves from the remainder of imperialist occupation who intervene into a dystopian scenario all painted with the mimicry of utopia. Yet the significance of the fresh uprising in the Land of the Two Rivers is not merely expressed in the reports of mercenaries burying their uniforms in the near death experience of their suicidal oaths, and the hectic and contradictory reactions of various imperialist factions to the unexpected surge which remind of these nearly a century ago, it is first of all coming to the fore in the observation that the creative chaos which is rapidly defeating the occupation is something entirely new which does not fit any of the descriptions the various reactionaries are attempting to attach to it. In fact, it is neither a nation nor a government nor a market, and although it is calling itself a state it does not at all resemble the capitalist state. It takes the place of the state but it is set to retreat from worldly matters once state pressure against the territory and the people declines. Nevertheless it is not merely a knee-jerk reaction to the external pressure of imperialism, it also is an early prototype for the permanent solution of the occupation issue bearing unique potential to end the world war without massive death of innocents.

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Candidate Brighton Kemptown predicts an environmental disaster.

26-06-2014 15:38

Amazon Explorer Joe Neilson Gets the Green vote after he reveals that he is a hardline on green issues.Calling the greens wasy washy tin can bottle savers.
Joe Neilson said I have no children and I am glad. What is going to happen
in the next 50 years even if we stop using fossil fuels today I predict an environmental disaster.

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The ‘Asian Century’ and ASEAN integration: contradictions and challenges

26-06-2014 11:44

Talk given by Sonny Melencio, Chairperson of Partido Lakas ng Masa-Philippines (PLM), during the Socialist Alliance Conference in Sydney, Australia on June 7, 2014

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Musicians Wanted for Veggies 30th Party

26-06-2014 11:26

Musicians,jugglers etc...for Veggies 30th Party

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Workshop on 'Autonomobilities' - low cost, low carbon

25-06-2014 10:20

Fare-dodging, hitch-hiking, cycle-touring, freight-hopping and backpacking? A workshop to develop a research agenda on low carbon mobility practices from the margin.