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10-06-2002 01:54

Finding, together, answers to these questions is an absolute priority for collapsing the Media-fed illusions that prevent repeal of the corrupt "war on drugs", but of course you know that already...

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BBC & Carlton TV reports on Kurdish Hunger Strike

10-06-2002 00:51

Two television news reports on the Kurdish asylum seeker's hunger strike in Plymouth are still available on-line for those who may have missed them or who live outside the transmission area. Direct links below

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Glastonbury - Corporate takeover

10-06-2002 00:25

This article exposes the corporate takeover of this years Glastonbury festival. I found it on the corporate watch website:

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We need privacy - now privacy needs us

10-06-2002 00:14

European Parliament has said "yes" to Data Retention - now the national parliaments can invade our privacy even we really want to? Or de want to make sure there is privacy left for us?

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09-06-2002 23:11

Bristol-Stop-The-War-Coalition & The Peace Vigil Combined

To Join Our Mailing List Send A Blank Email To;

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Americas finest in free-fall

09-06-2002 23:01

once thye were hero, turbo-capatilist pioneers, now they face felony trials

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Arabs and Palestinians are Sadists.

09-06-2002 22:48

Arabs and Palestinians are Sadists.

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Feds sued over anthrax documents

09-06-2002 22:02

Feds sued over anthrax documents
Legal group wonders why White House took Cipro before attacks

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FIELDS OF GOLD: Drama taps into GM debate

09-06-2002 21:32

A new drama started on BBC One on Saturday about a genetically modified crop gone wrong. If nothing else, it's timing is excellent.

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CNN is the most anti Israel network ever. They are so biased against Israel.

09-06-2002 21:23

CNN is the most anti Israel network ever. They are so biased against Israel.

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US TV company deny public access to the truth -again!

09-06-2002 21:14

Fields of Gold suggests wrongly that there are some committed journalists

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Hereford Anarchists

09-06-2002 20:56

New Group

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09-06-2002 19:48

Wednesday 19th June there will see the largest ever mass lobby of parliament.

10,000 people are predicted to come and let the government know that we are not satisfied with the (lack of) fairness of rules such as those agreed at the WTO.

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Pink Castle Occupation Ends - Tat Down Party 15/16th June

09-06-2002 19:18

Pink Castle Occupation Ends - Tat Down Party 15/16th June
The Pink Castle occupation is ending. Aventis appear to have written off the trial and the farmer is keen to turn the non GM side into a commerical crop.

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Warning to those involved in Israeli Embassy action

09-06-2002 19:10

Cops apparently looking for people involved in Israeli embassy action last month.

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09-06-2002 18:04

Police to spy on all emails: Fury over Europe's secret plan to access computer and phone data. Companies that run internet sites will be required to retain passwords used by individuals, record which website addresses are visited, and keep details of webpages looked at and any credit card or bank details used for subscriptions. The information retained about emails will include who sent the message, where the email went, its contents and the time and date it was sent.

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The 'Alberta Advantage' (Canada) exposed

09-06-2002 17:53

Here is a 2002 G8 Summit 'local' story lead worth following up or
suppressing, depending on which side of the chasm you've chosen to be
on during the upcoming G8 meeting in Kananaskis, Alberta, Canada.

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Anarchist Youth Network - National Gathering!

09-06-2002 15:30

July 12th-14th, North London

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Op Eds by Sharon & Barak in NYTimes & WPost

09-06-2002 14:44

Bush is using his media mouthpieces to prep for new action. Please act - international reponses will be important.

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Israeli "hero" scheduled to receive "valor medal" says

09-06-2002 12:38

"No one refused an order to take down a house. When they told me to destroy a house, I exploited that in order to destroy a few more homes. On the loudspeaker, the Palestinian civilians were warned to get out before I came in. But I didn't give a chance to anyone. I didn't wait."