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First Directions to The Camp for Climate Action 2007.....

14-07-2007 09:58

The camp dates are drawing nearer and nearer and we're all desperate to know where it will be... but we'll just have to wait a little longer!

But what we do know is that if you get yourself to Staines railway station in West London by 10am on Tuesday 14th August, you will be greeted by our friendly welcome team and promptly transported via a magical mystery tour, to the camp! (There will also be lifts to the camp later in the day and throughout the week.)

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Vietnam Bush

14-07-2007 09:13

Vietnam Bush
Knows nothing about war. He spent his, safe, in a brothel in Houston.

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Love Thy Neighbor

14-07-2007 02:24

In New York City, Afrocentric blacks and liberal whites fight over the image of Africa.

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Policing FIT for "serious and sustained" terror?

13-07-2007 23:41

...but I eventually got a portrait of all their unhappy faces

"[But]our services and police do a heroic job for our country day in day out and I can say that over the past years, as this particular type of new and awful terrorist threat has grown, they have done their utmost to keep this country and its people safe.As I saw again from the meeting of COBR this morning, their determination to get those responsible is total." Tony Blair 11 July 2005

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The Media on ‘Global Terror’

13-07-2007 22:17

Y‘know it’s amazing really, considering that for centuries Europeans have been invading other countries, enslaving their peoples, ripping off their resources and in the process impoverishing much of the planet. And what is more, moving in and taking up residence without so much as a ‘by your leave’ let alone being put through an intensive examination upon their arrival.

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How Terror Has Lost Its Meaning

13-07-2007 21:26

War can no longer be distinguished from terror

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SOCPA movie hits the west end!!!

13-07-2007 19:40

the prince charles cinema today
the prince charles cinema is proudly advertising the socpa movie which will be shown there on sunday at 1pm, followed by a q&a session with rikki the film-maker, milan rai from peace news, and mark barrett from the parliament square picnickers. there's also now a film trailer on youtube.

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Hands off John Bowden: Picket at Parole Board HQ London 13 July

13-07-2007 18:55

John Bowden - London Picket
Supporters of John Bowden, who was placed in solitary and moved to a closed prison shortly before a parole hearing in April 2007 because of his contact with a peaceful anarchist group picket the Parole Board HQ in London today. Short report and pictures (Copyright: permission required for use; payment required for commercial use.)

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Halo-8 Letting Animals Out of Their Cages

13-07-2007 16:55

Theatrical Poster
Controversial feature film Your Mommy Kills Animals get worldwide distribution

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This Week in Palestine – Week 28 2007

13-07-2007 16:48

This Week in Palestine, a service of the International Middle East Media Center,, for July 7th through July 13th, 2007.

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Volunteers Required in Fasayil, Jordan Valley - From Brighton Group

13-07-2007 16:38

From the Brighton-Tubas Friendship and Solidarity Group

Volunteers are needed to give solidarity to the people of Fasayil this

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Reel News G8 Special Promo

13-07-2007 16:34

Reel News 8, G8 Special DVD out on 5 July.

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Peter Sandy cleared of nearly all allegations

13-07-2007 15:21

At a hearing before the Adjudication Panel of England, Peter Sandy, until recently a Rushmoor councillor, was able to clear himself of most of the malicious allegations made against him by Rushmoor chief executive Andrew Lloyd.

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GETTING OUT OF "The spin we're in". . . . REMEMBER "CONSPIRACY"?

13-07-2007 14:28

As last weeks USA Social Forum in NEW YORK votes to support the 911 re-inquiry, a few days after the ex-secret documents from 1973 are released to the public by the cia ( including references to the initial in-house research into "administration of the mind" - that conmens dream - the use of chemicals, electricity, radiation etc to exacerbate the effects of mesmerism -) old easy dismissals of awkward facts as "conspiracy" are obsolete to serious observers.

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Misjudging asylum, rape and detention

13-07-2007 13:42

Committee Room 12
Tuesday 17 July 2007, 3pm
Hosted by John McDonnell, MP & Lord Avebury

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Seasoned squatters & protesters needed!

13-07-2007 13:40

If you've got experience with the police, owners of squatted buildings and/or the court system, you believe in squatting and the history and philosophy behind it; and/or you have experience of protest camps and you're interested in spreading the word - read on...

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Cov Wobblies support local posties

13-07-2007 13:30

IWW supports posties - 1000 jobs may go in Cov !

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Live Earth: Was It Worth It?

13-07-2007 12:47

07/07/07: It was the two year anniversary of the London bombings. Wembley stadium filled with 65,000 people to see some of the largest names in music and to draw awareness to climate change.

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Brian Haw – now in his 7th year!

13-07-2007 12:39

Parliament Square peace campaigner Brian Haw is now in the seventh year of his protest. He started on June 2nd 2001 and despite numerous attempts to evict him including specially enacted legislation – SOCPA – he is still here. A selection of photos is attached

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Debt burden fuelling climate change – ‘double injustice’

13-07-2007 10:57

The poor pay millions, but the rich owe billions

New figures released by Jubilee Debt Campaign reveal that rich countries owe 27 times more in ‘carbon debt’ than poor countries pay in debt repayments to wealthy nations.