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Seasoned squatters & protesters needed!

susanna | 13.07.2007 13:40 | Analysis | Free Spaces | Repression | London

If you've got experience with the police, owners of squatted buildings and/or the court system, you believe in squatting and the history and philosophy behind it; and/or you have experience of protest camps and you're interested in spreading the word - read on...

I'm looking to talk to anyone with experience of squatting and/or protest camps. In April next year a new book is coming out - a a toolbox for campaigners and a historical look at activism in the last two centuries. It aims to give detailed practical information about a wide range of tactics – such as shareholder actions, blockades and strikes, or petition-writing for a few examples - and their legal implications. We also want to look at what really works in effecting change, through studying previous victories and how they were achieved, as well as looking at notorious failures to see what went wrong.

We believe strongly that this book needs to be written and that it needs to be written now, particularly given the current political climate in the UK and all of the measures that have been taken that repress our freedom of expression and our right to protest.

I'm looking at the legal side of things but I need first-hand accounts of how the law has actually been used to repress those squatting and to disrupt the activities of those in protest camps. If you're interested in helping out my background research by sharing your experiences or if you've got any questions please email me.

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