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GETTING OUT OF "The spin we're in". . . . REMEMBER "CONSPIRACY"?

x = | 13.07.2007 14:28 | Anti-militarism | Other Press | Terror War | London

As last weeks USA Social Forum in NEW YORK votes to support the 911 re-inquiry, a few days after the ex-secret documents from 1973 are released to the public by the cia ( including references to the initial in-house research into "administration of the mind" - that conmens dream - the use of chemicals, electricity, radiation etc to exacerbate the effects of mesmerism -) old easy dismissals of awkward facts as "conspiracy" are obsolete to serious observers.

Last week was the meeting of the USA social forum - the mainstream of politics outside the dem-rep congress, but with much overlap to the actual democratic campaigners. (see various desperate, easy to predict backspin in usa IMCs!)
Its vote to back the people working to re-open enquiries into 911 very much strengthens those who also work to discover more about 7/7 here, but in combination with other recent establishment releases of information - ("revelations" to those that maintained that over-moderate knee-jerk rejection of all sorts of awkward questions or facts that meant further thinking! ) - as the "reasons" for the iraq war - all 3 - have shown up as the most spurious "conspiracy" theories of all - the entire situation is shifting as troops, too, return home to ask serious questions.
The "minderbinder" factor ( see Catch 22 ) is losing several layers of its onion, as "cut-outs" refuse to "fall-guy" into their "patsy" positions.
Warspin leaves papertrails, the people that exist in the same neighbourhoods have clues too.
Misuse of old "tech" by a bunch of ex-secret police academy rejects, with the odd bit of blackmail or old-school-tie "favour" here or there.
A new spin to the old "create a semi-puppet pseudo-group to act as scapegoats that you get to think they actually did it" routine aint that hard to suss, despite the "wonders" of "trauma/fast-spin processes" or the numerous "rehearsings" in setting up the same sort of "your dirty jobs done free" groups for farmers oilmen or dictators all over the world across most of the last century. ( a bit of "fightclub" "we dont exist", a few "blackbudget"- "these techniques dont exist either" to create "short-term loopholes" doesnt prevent people from THINKING ! ).

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