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Activist Jailed for Breach of the Peace

For Mother Earth | 02.06.2004 13:17 | Anti-militarism | Repression | World

On 1 June, 2004, Ludd, a For Mother Earth Scotland activist handed himself in to the police. A hearing was anticipated on 2 June, 1994. He is spending this time in jail for refusing to pay a £550 fine, imposed on him for opposing Government’s Weapons of Mass Destruction. He was charged only with of a breach of the peace. He was immediately taken to jail for 28 days on an extract warrant.

He states:

‘I have no intention whatsoever to pay any money into a justice system that protects war criminals such as Bush and Blair, and Weapons of Mass Destruction, that are clearly a death sentence to innocent, ordinary people all over the globe. These weapons are used to threaten millions of ordinary people with a slow and horrifying death, with the sole purpose of protecting and enlarging the financial assets of the State and United Kingdom’s elite.

Further, these weapons that I seek to cease being used are certainly the most outrageous, immoral and illegal things on the face of this earth, in other laws higher than this court itself and most of all in the face of humanity.

Because this court refuses to oblige to international law, I am left with no choice but to stand my ground and state here and now, and forever, that I do not and will not recognise the authority of this court. I refuse to be deterred by the Crown, by the States or this Government, or their
representative here, Magistrate Gillis, from opposing the government in their illegal activities. It is my belief that history will prove me right.’

Ludd, 33, received the unusually high fine for performing a civil inspection on a heavy goods vehicle leaving the home base of the Vanguard submarines at Faslane Naval Base in Scotland. Growing opposition against nuclear weapons and waste is increasingly pushing anything nuclear north inside Scotland.

Suspicion has arisen that the fine is so high because Ludd accused the police witnesses of lying under oath. Although he was able to prove it, this proof has been completely and dishonestly disregarded by this justice system. As has happened hundreds of times over prior to this in many instances.

The ‘heavy goods vehicle’ which was inspected by this citisen continued on its deadly way despite this activist’s and others’ attempts. The nuclear submarines that the vehicle services can fire nuclear missiles, which can
obliterate every major and semi-major city in the world and put the rest of the world in dire straits.

Magistrate Gillis prior to this time had stated "Your action is the most suicidal activity I have ever seen brought in front of me for the duration of my entire bench career". It is interesting to note that Magistrate Gillis was not talking about the nuclear weapons that can wipe out humanity in a blink of an eye, but about the attempt of this activist to immobilise a suspicious heavy goods vehicle leaving the base by trying to lock on to it.

In final statement, Ludd said: “The heavy fine and the unusually long sentence for a breach of the peace, will only strengthen me to take more action against various illegal Government and State activities.”

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