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film fest review no 2

0742 | 26.11.2005 13:41 | Sheffield

The |DREAM OUT LOUD: THE FILM FEST| 2night, day two called Resistance. Won't Get Fooled Again was first up did not get to watch as i was doing what was at the start a slow door, by the end of the night there was a full house at |Matilda|

Next film up and with popcorn was Trading Freedom: The Secret Life of The FTAA, i was doing door this time taking cash off the punters to help cover the very real cost of such events. I did get to watch The Take In the wake of the 2001 economic crisis in Argentina, Latin America's most properous Middle Class find themselves in a ghost town of abandoned factories and mass rising unemployment. In suburban Buenos Aires, 30 auto-workers decide to collectively take over their abandoned and idle factory. Naomi Klein and Avi Lewis takes the viewers into the lives of the workers as they meet globalisation head on and reclaim their work, lives and dignity.|Info|

While eating some very wicked food cooked by |The Cafe Collective| The Yes Men was next, some of what they do is past excellence however this was very weak and to be frank just seemed like a group of middle class mates having a laugh with politics that seemed to come last, plus by this time i was over heating so i had to leave the room. Word got to me a trot had come into the place, i had to have a laugh... that was my night over at |Matilda| from my own politics the films were a little week but have a look at today's line up |26:11:05| what a way to end what has been a very wicked fim fest, thanks to all involved. More about Salt Of The Earth film nights next update

one love 0742