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Poland-Anarchist in trouble!

ABC Bialystok | 17.12.2004 18:10 | Repression


Poland-Anarchist in trouble

Patryk Cichon, anti-fascist from Stalowa Wola and animator of RASH (Red&Anarchist Skinheads) had been sentenced to 3 years of jail fro alleged assault and robbery.
It is clearfro us that all case had been based on his political beliefs from the very beginning. Patryk is well know anti-fascist and anarchist, notorious among nazi-bonehead scum in his city fro his uncompromising and militant stand against them in the past. Boneheads managed to convince few of their friends to testify against Patryk and his friend in alleged case of assault and robbery. As it appeared later, his friend had very good alibi and was aquitted, so Patryk ended up as superman sentenced for beating 4 people on his own so badly, that he was even able to take their wallets afterwards!
Patryk appealed this decision and another trial will take place on the beginning of 2005. Adding to that he has 300 euro fine to pay for assault on police officer (average 2 monthly wages in Poland). We cant really do much to help him with his trial but we can support him financially in this hard moment. It is necessary to show our solidarity to people who dared to stand against nazi menace and show them that they are not alone!
If you want to help Patryk you can send some money to his bank account- every little bit counts!

22 1020 4939 0000 0402 0008 9284 Patryk Cichon´ PKO BP SA ODDZIAL 1 W STALOWEJ WOLI

You can also order benefit CD with anti-fascist oi bands writing to:
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Los Fastidios, Non Servium, Chaos Urbano, Brigada Flores Magon, Guardia Negra, Stage Bottles, Les Partisans, Klasse Kriminale, Indaptats, Pilseners, Reazione, Erode, F.F.D., Curasabun Oi!.

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