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Violent Arrests at EDO Big Demo, Brighton !!! Phone the cops now!

smashnik | 31.05.2005 19:02 | Anti-militarism | Repression | South Coast

At least 7 people were violently arrested at the Big demo at arms dealers EDO MBM in Brighton today. PHONE CHIEF INSPECTOR KERRY COX on 0845 6070999 to protest the brutal arrests of at least 7 antiwar/civil rights activists!

This was the first big demo since the (very watered down) injunction was granted, and the police wasted no time in singling out an 80 year old man and dragging him accross the street where three cops pinned him down, face on the tarmac, with their knees painfully in his back. A further arrest was made and then the police formed a line and pushed en masse into the crowd of around 40 protesters *inside* the designated protest area.

For those unfamiliar with the geography at EDO, the designated protest are is a 2 meter wide grass verge with a 40 foot vertical drop on one side and a road (exclusion zone) on the other. Several people fell over when the police charged and it was a matter of luck that nobody fell over the edge. Police harrassment continued but didn't dent a lively and noisy demonstration despite further violent and arbitrary arrests, including one where a man was snatched from the crowd and dragged accross the road by his neck.

PLEASE phone Chief Inspector Kerry Cox of Brighton police on 0845 6070999 to protest and enquire as to the condition of the detainees (the police summoned a medic after several arrests, but used force to prevent people with cameras and legal observers getting a view. The civil rights won by previous generations are being wiped out in the blink of an eye. We have to stand together to confront the growing repression anyone seeking social change faces.

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