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HLS Activists Charged - Please Support!

SUPPORT SHAC | 22.03.2008 20:14 | SHAC | SOCPA | Animal Liberation | Repression | South Coast | World

17 activists, many or all of whom had their houses ransacked by the police, have now been charged with conspiracy to blackmail Huntingdon Life Sciences. They are all now facing the courts in what will be several of the most important and biggest trials the animal rights movement has ever seen.


Remember, these people have acted to stop the animals suffering inside HLS. They fought to get those animals out from behind bars, and now may end up there themselves. Remember this is all for what SHOULD be deemed legal activity – they have not acted against the law. In the meantime, HLS continue to torture animals, cutting them open alive, punching beagle puppies in the face, throwing them against walls, pouring poisonous substances into their throats… the list is endless, but this is all still happening.

This is a clear indication that the campaign is winning.

To put so much effort into arresting and attempting to charge people who haven’t actually done anything wrong, clearly shows the desperation of the government and HLS to do something – anything they can clumsily grasp at – to save their sinking animal abuse industry.

But we can’t all sit back and hope HLS will finish themselves.

They won’t, and it will need every ONE of US to do it.

Those charged are still on draconian bail conditions which mean they are no longer allowed to partake in any animal rights demonstrations of any kind, or to publish anything animal rights related such as leaflets, newsletters and so on. HLS are happy about this, as it has successfully stopped this group of people from doing demonstrations or anything else.

All the activists want is for people to carry on, and get out there and come on demos against HLS and their suppliers and customers. This isn’t just for them, this is for our freedom of speech and right to protest, which we still have (just!) and need to fight to keep it. Just as important, this is for those animals dying as you read this – every three minutes another animal dies inside HLS, alone and in agony.

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