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The real leaders in belgium

guido | 05.12.2001 13:24

Who are the real leaders in belgium, who deliverd the uranium for the first A-bomb?

Who are the people who lead Belgium?
Most people think it's our ministers but in fact they have nothing to say. In 1965, most of our ministers were children or teenagers, some were students. At the same time(sorry if I'm not absolutely correct)Lumumba was murded in Kongo. Kongo used to be the private garden of Leopold 2/3. In his garden about 10.000.000 people were killed. In his garden you could find also lots of interesting raw materials like uranium,siilicum,...
Our kings and queens and tere friends used Sabena(airline) to get to Afrika.
In 2001 Sabena doesn't exist any more.In it's place we have DAT, founded by Etienne Davignon and his friend Maurice Lippens.In the pastthey were both past chairmen of the Societe General, a bank that existed before Belgium existed(1823).
Lippens is now mayor of Knokke, a city at the sea where you can only find capitalistic people.
Davignon was a young Belgian ambassador in Kongo and Belgium at the time when Lumumba was killed. Lumumba was the first independent president in Kongo, but he got killed. And the Belgium king, Boudewijn, was aware of it and did nothing do stop the murder.
Davignon was also one of the people who founded the ERT, a powerfull lobbygroup in Europe(the richest 48 industrialists are sitting in it.), also he did write the DavignonRapport in 1973, what was a document that influenced ,at that time, the future of Europe.
Some say he is also a chairman of the Bilderberg group, a lobbygroup with lots of powerfull western people like the editor from Le Monde, Queen Beatrix and...
Now this Davignon has founded with his friend Lippens DAT, a new airline, that will be founded by Belgium industrialists. When Sabena went bankrupt, Dav and Lip proposed to the goverment that they would try to find investers for DAT.

Today in the papers we read that they want to reinstall a flightline between Belgium and her former kolonies.

Davignon and Lippens are two old crocodiles who have seen a lot of ministers come and go. The ministers come and go, but Lippens and Davignon stay. Wouldn't it be nice to play a game when the so called leaders of Europe have theire summit. The game would be to find Davignon and once he is found we keep him until the "leaders" of Europe listen to what the people in the streets have to say. If they don't want to listen then we say that we will undress him. Then they would listen because nobody wants to see a naked Davignon.

At the time they made the first A-bomb, Belgium was the unly country who had uraniummines, they were in Kongo.
Without this Uranium, America could never have made his A-bomb.



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