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Bush: an already deadly legacy

Truthseeker | 05.12.2001 17:55

Summarizes the Bush record, pre and post Sept. 11

On my netscape homepage, a poll asked what kind of job "W" is doing in the war against terror (these whiz-kids are known to always couch complex questions within the framework of acceptable propaganda suitable for 7 year olds).

So to answer I offered the message board, a short list of just a few Bush debacles. First, pre Sept. 11: cozying up to the Taliban, giving them millions in aid, while refusing offers to hand over bin Laden, squelching efforts by the FBI to investigate bin Laden for fear of offending US corporate interests, maintining close business ties to the bin Laden familiy, lobbying on behalf of Unicol to establish US dominance over oil deposits in southwest asia, and working towards building a pipleline through Afghanistan, despite the appalling human rights record of The Taliban, then threatening them to either take a US offer of "a carpet of gold, or be buried under a carpet of bombs."

Post Sept. 11: Declaring war on 60 countries, foregoing an international criminal court in which to track and try the perpetrators, killing and maiming thousands of civilians while initiating a human rights disaster, giving Israel carte blanche, in short doing whatever the hell he wants, and slowly but surely dragging the world into global war. If not for Sept. 11, this clown, who has never travelled anywhere, who represents the interests of Big Oil, who refused to sign the Kyoto Accord on the environment, the landmines treaty, the ABM treaty, would be hovering well below the 50% job approval rating. America will pay an awful price for letting this guy and his minions cheat his way into office, and so will the rest of the world. PS: I'd say he's doing an awful job.

-Sources:Centre for Research on Globalisation,
-New book by Jean-Charles Brisard and Guillaume Dasquie ("Bin LAden, the forbidden truth")



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