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UK-US Military Alliance Creates Fascist UK-Faslane

Stuart Black | 28.09.2007 18:49 | Faslane | Anti-militarism | Terror War | London

Who can deny it 'go l**ney, go p*ki, go n*gger, go p**ftah as well as sch*z, go y*ppee and lesser verbal intimidation is heard every day in the UK moreso then most other places in western europe. This is the most common that I have known such verbal abuse since being born in 1961. Who can block now at Faslane?

I am now 45 and am mixed Asian and I live in London. I have to describe this as the worst social environment I have ever experienced as a Londoner. I have lived in Fulham in the early seventies and in Balham throughout the seventies when prostitutes were more common and drug dealers dealt outside the Balham Hotel.
I have lived on the South Lambeth Estate in Vauxhall known then as the murder mile. I have lived in Battersea and also went to school in Battersea. However, this is the most fascist I have ever known London and the UK to be. For the last five years all I hear off people is go p*ki or go n*gger. Also I hear sch*z or go l**ney as well as failure or loser. Then there is go y*ppee. Then there are those that state stay p*ki or stay n*gger or stay loser. There is now no point in blocking Faslane. Given how the UK-US milatary alliance and it's expansionist ambitions that have now moreso reached Germany has invaded a tactile social environment that was once a fairly harmonious society the answers are very clear concerning Faslane. If you get photagraphed or filmed you get moreso verbally abused. If you are black or southern asian and you get photographed you get verbally abused moreso. If you wear tatty clothes you get go y*ppe and get verbally abused. If you have an sort of mental health problem and it is evident from the mental anguish that you are experiencing you get mentally abused if photographed. If you look a bit frail you will be photographed and verbally abused.
If you are a Black or Southern Asian as a police officer you will get immediately sacked as it is illegal in your job unless you are an ex-police officer. Similarly if you are an ex-black or Asian army officer. What about if you make arms? It would not make no difference under a milataristic alliance. The best people to block in Faslane are white upper class mothers who have babies and young children. Especially those live in certain places in London such as now more middle class Fulham or Kensington. How about those from Hampstead that would be even better. I read of an Oxford don in the Daily Mail who delivers her rubbish to the dump on a bike every day due to rats being everywhere. She would be perfect for a blocking protest outside Faslane. The milatary alliance of the US-UK has won and London as well as other parts of the UK are now worse for it. Good luck anyway.

Stuart Black
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