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Eco Hero Kayak Crew splash out on the Medway

Tangle | 09.08.2008 15:57 | Climate Camp 2008 | Climate Chaos

A daring crew of 8 climate campers in inflatable kayaks kept police boats busy for 3 hours this morning heading towards Kingsnorth Power station on the Medway.

The fleet of 8 craft and 1 safety boat dropped into the water at around 9am this morning at a secret launch point near Rochester. They paddled towards Kingsnorth power station to join the protest against E-on and the building of the first new coal fired power station in 34 years. Their mobile craft allowed them to evade police capture for some time. The crew were picked up one by one by marine division officers finally ending up in a stand off on the Hoo mudflats close to the power station. All 8 kayakers were finally picked up at around 12.30pm, turned over to the Harbour Master and released without charge.
"The local papers say we're crazy," said one of the crew " but what's really crazy is that government and business are not seriously committed to combating climate change."
All activist involved have signed a camp wide pledge to campaign to stop the building of the new power station.