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GM Action-Pink Castle in Dorset update

Pink Castle Maiden | 26.04.2002 20:31 | Bio-technology | Ecology | Free Spaces | Health | Technology

The Prettiest GM Action continues in Dorset!

From the fancy fortification with all the non GM grandeur and glamour of a perky pink castle errected in the early hours of dawn in Dorset on wednesday-an update!

They are still there-(the pinkness can be viewed on this very site) the first night (last night) reported wet and it was windy today-strange and scary for those inside the pink palace!

There have been many many messages of support-thanks to all!

Charles Foot, the farmer, has been planting yesterday and today-he seems to be trying to get his crops in a quickly as he can. More people are wanted to help prevent this!! Contact any of the numbers below if you can help.

onsite mobiles; 0791 5925 214 and 0773 3133280

Pink Castle Maiden
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