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Occupation for & In Athens

Vngelis | 20.11.2003 20:53 | Repression | London

Daily newsreports on Greek tv as well as occupation of Athens University tonight

A break from past reporting occurred a couple of days ago when the Greek Eurostalinist paper Avgi published pictures and a report about the arrest and frame up of Simon Chapman. What followed was a nightly report on the issue on the Greek state broadcaster ERT. The state then asserted it will review the case...
Tonight Athens University has been occuppied and a large demo has occurred in central Athens.
What is noticeable in the whole situation is that the political parties which supposedly represent the left the Greek Communist Party KKE and its smaller splinter group have been almost totally absent of reporting the case until this week which happens to be the anniversary of the fall of the junta in 1975. Whilst thousands demonstrated outside the US embassy only the anti-government contingents took up the campaign for the Thessalonika 7.
Recent developments obviously show that something is brewing behind the scenes. If one of them dies the political cost to the Greek government just before the Olympics may be too big. On the other hand they have to stand firm. The protests are forcing them into positions they do not want to be in. They are now on the defensive. Its time to defeat them.

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